Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bringing out the best in people

Love, what is love? How much you're willing to change for somebody?

Too many people have been giving up so much of themselves for someone else. Time, habits, affection, friends or even, soul; just to make that special someone happy. We all think that we should all be satisfied with love just because of our ability to give and sacrifice.

Wrong. Too wrong.

The love we received should not only change our partners, but also to change us. To make us a better person. To bring out the best in you.

That person should not hinder you from reaching out for your goals, but stand beside you and help you to get even closer. That person should be the energy and encouragement you need to help propel you through your toughest times, not just yet another one of the many wet blankets and negativity you have in your life.

If there’s one thing the world isn't lacking off, is people telling you, YOU CAN’T DO IT, or YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME.

Reflect and look around you. That person you're supposedly in love with. Ask yourself if that person brings out the best in you everyday. Or do you have to constantly be stressed out about your actions/words; constantly having to worry about he/she doing something to break your trust.

Life is too short and love is too fleeting to waste even one second on someone who does no good to you.

So choose wisely. When the opportunity comes, do NOT let it slip by. Love is hard enough to find. You'd need to be equipped with a special combination of fate, faith and a drop of luck.

:') It was nice knowing you. Guess I wasn't good enough to bring out the best in you. x

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Carlos Amado said...

Love definitely should bring out the best of us, open our heart because what matters is invisible to the eyes, like the fox said to the Little Prince... I think true love is given for free, without expecting anything in return. Thus love has nothing to do with giving up anything nor making a choice, it has simply to do with opening one's heart to another. The reason why so many people end up alone nowadays is because people let their ego speak or expect so much... this brings only disappointment and anger, as being angry with someone can be so easy when the ego speaks ;)