Sunday, 22 July 2018

Kayla x Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Hello there!!! Oh gosh, I'm so excited to talk about today's review as this is a product that I've already been using for awhile before they came onboard and approached me to review. As you can probable tell by the title, it's Kanebo's Suisai Beauty Clear Powder!!

Look I still have empties to prove it!! I got mine from Japan when I was in okinawa and I've been loving it ever since. It's such a great product to bring with you for everyday use and it's amazing to bring around for staycations, post-gyms, swimming, going to spa and.....travels!!!

Developed under Kanebo, the suisai range was inspired by the "Gift of Fermentation". We all know fermented products are the best for us, be it in our guts to help digest the food or be it on our skin to break down the good stuff and makes it more easily absorbed into our skin.

It is formulated with moisturising elements such as fermented soy milk extract, pear juice extra and double hyaluronic acid. 

I couldn't read a single word of Japanese however, this product was put under a sign with "No. 1" featured in the drug store. Only today I found out that actually it was because Kanebo Suisai Star Product, the Beauty Clear Powder, was ranked No. 1 facial wash in Japan for 3 consecutive years!! 

LOL, well, when in doubt just buy all the products with "No.1" beside it. 

Highly raved by beauty enthusiasts all around Asia, it is an effective solution for people who has clogged pores (uh huh me), unwanted shine (uh huh me again), rough skin and excess sebum,

With the enzymes and amino acid in the cleanser, it decomposes keratin plus and exfoliate dead skin cells.

The one I'm holding is the last of my own Suisai cleansing powder. The japanese really knows how to do their packaging la!! So cuteeee!! 

As you can see, it is actually in the form of granule-structured powder in capsules.

Once mixed with water, it lathers quickly into a humidity-resistance, rich and voluminous lather.

Tadah!! I cheated la, I used a foaming net to achieve this but can you imagine, all of that foam produced from a super tiny capsule of powder?!?

The fine and soft foam is designed to envelope and remove impurities, resulting in reducing the size of pores, removing blackheads and acnes. 

Ofcourse if you're one of those blessed people with no problem in your skin, this would also primes your skin to better absorb the lotions and other skincare you're going to put on top afterwards.

Now you're abit luckier than me, don't need to fly to Japan to buy them, you can actually purchase them in Singapore. They retail for $27 for a pack of 32 or $14 for a pack of $15. 

And best of all, you can actually redeem for yourself a free sample of Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder from Sample Store before you think about if you would like to purchase!



To next time, BYEEE!!!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sample Store's First ever Beauty Show!! Sample Store X Beauty Keeper

HELLO THEREEEE!!! Oh my how I've missed you guys! Hope y'all having a great thursday today because hang in there, fri-yay is comingggg!!
Today I'm here to talk about Sample Store's first ever Beauty Show in collaboration with Beauty Keeper! It was held at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. (uh huh, uh huh, I know right, so fancyyyyyyyy) I am extremely thankful for the lovely people at Sample Store for inviting me to their first ever beauty show!! First up, let me show you my seat.

 Tadahh!!! Made me felt extra important hahahahaha, theres like seats labelled for the bloggers, the Sing! China Singapore Representative Finalists and other parties. Being the kiasu I am, I chose the front row seats.
 I always love events hosted by sample store because they are extremely caring when it comes to the welfare of their event attendees. Lunch was provided earlier despite the show starting at 1-ish pm. They could have simply told us to go ahead and take our lunch beforehand to cut cost but no, they provided lunch with food served from Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria! It was really good and my favourite is the roasted pineapples and the sliced beef! Yummmmmmmssss
 A lovely stage filled with Taiwan goodies from the Beauty Keeper greets us as we munch away on our lunch. It has pink lights and was really pretty!!!
 Goodie bag complimentary of Beauty Keeper. Yay!
As well as a bottle of juscool sparkling passion fruit juice! Not really a huge fan of carbonated drinks but this one was pretty o-kay. But I'm still not a fan.
 Up close and personal with some of the items available on
This picture sums up most of the event highlights! Featuring the talented make up artiste Candy Tiong. Look at her doing make up and skincare demo on the Grand Finalists of SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections! (Psssstttt he's damn cute lah) And not to forget, Hossan Leong as host of the show. He was extremely funny, really entertaining to watch. Kudos to the organiser for choosing such a great host!
During breaks between the various segments, we get to check out the booths at the back featuring more products, allowing us to try and test them.
This is hands down one of the items that really caught my attention!! Those foam on the right is formed by just a little bit of water. I touched it and the little pea sized foam on my finger actually produced more bubbles when I rubbed my hands together, forming more densely packed cleansing foam. Amazing! Also named "tai tai soap" because all the tai-tai(s) in Taiwan use this soap.
 Sports bra with patented designs and airy breathable material!
 One of the even highlights featuring the Grand finalist of Sing! China, Singapore selection....and OMG! I didn't know Norbin participated let alone came in top 5. Great job!!!
 All the finalists!

Now I am going to talk about the content of my goodie bags! After hearing so much about all the various Taiwanese products from the Beauty Keeper, now it is finally my turn to try them for myself! 

Patented designs in the yarn as well as the design of the bra allows nicer cleavage and more support for every active activity needs! Being blessed with smaller bewbz, I rarely ever have problems with backaches or lack of support for the sisters. However, I do realised that perspirations do dry faster wearing these. 

 Facial Mask Beauty Brush by Lamsamyick.
Facial masks always get stuck on your hands when you use them. With this brush, it is a whole new experience. Never use your hands to apply cream base facial mask again.

Softness of the brush allows for a very even spread of the facial product across the face. Especially the hard to reach areas such as the smaller section of your face. E.g. eyes, nose, hairline and neck.

I also used this to push the product dripping from my face upwards when I use sheet masks. Allowing  micro face massage while still keeping my hands clean!

I have little stretch marks between my bum and my thighs, I have been using this. I do notice the skin on the area seems more supple and more soft but have yet to really see much improvements on the reduction of stretch marks. I might have to use it for a longer period of time to see more effects?

The goodie bag includes 3 capital land vouchers, a notebook, a pouch as well as a book of stamps featuring the judges and organisers of Sing!China season 2 Singapore Selection. Really love the thoughtful and practical gifts!!

Last but not least, NuBox partnered with Sample Store and throw in Otter box Defender Series Rugged Protection Phone case! Well, it's a shame because i'm using an iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7Plus case is definitely not gonna fit my phone :( However, heres some details of the case if y'all are interested!

Thanks for taking your time out to read my review today!! Hope to catch y'all soon!!! xx

Friday, 8 July 2016

Your Tea Liver Cleanse Kit Review

Hullo!!! How has everyone been doing? It has been awhile since I last did a review on this blog and today I'm here to review Your Tea's Liver Cleanse Kit that they have so kindly sent over for me to try. Please note that I am not paid to promote, however, I am merely penning (figuratively) down my opinions and what I have observed when drinking the teas. I'll first talk about the packaging, what did the pack include and my overall impression and then moving on to the taste and smell of each tea. Finally, I'll talk about what I felt after drinking the teas and end with concluding comments on the kit itself in general. 

Can't start a product review without a artsy-fartsy picture of the products itself isn't it. heh.

For people who know me, I really like to drink tea. I mean, what is there not to like about teas?! Personally, I choose white and green tea over black and red tea. One of my favourite teas in the world is the Genmaicha, Japanese brown rice tea. My friends once jokingly said it was peasant tea because it was supposed to be cheap, for some reason I can never get the peasant association out of my mind every time I have some of those. >=( Thanks. Nicole. 

Whoop! Really love the packaging! More about this later.

I also have a personal preference that is slightly more biased towards eastern medication rather than western. Though of course, often when I am suffering from a mild headache or menstrual cramps, it is often easier to pop Panadols rather than to find out what kind of herbs would help. However, during my 2 years living alone in Newcastle, I often found my own home made Chinese herbal tea (Dried chrysanthemum with dried honeysuckle - the more bitter the better) more effective in quickly relieving sore throats when they are about to hit me than say the western method of taking vitamin C right before you fall sick to boost your immunity system. Tried and tested guys. For some reason, Chinese herbal tea works better for me. Or maybe the aunty in me just approves of the methods my mom pass down to me. Anyway I digress, let's move on with the review.

1) The Packaging
I do have a particular bias towards brands that actually put in effort in packaging their products. It is after all, about first impressions and the customer's buying experience. This starts right from the moment they enter your webpage all the way till they receive and use the product. Here you can see that they have specially designed the box that fits and displays all the teabags and the glass thermos nice and snug in their respective compartments. At the inner flap of the kit comes with a short welcome message from Your Tea. This is a really nice detail that I do really appreciate. The kit itself contained Morning, Afternoon, Probiotic and Night Teas with a leak proof glass thermos and a 100 page liver cleanse guide 

2) The Teas
Your Tea team has kindly sent me the Liver Cleanse Kit for me to review. This pack consist of 14 Morning Teas, 14 Afternoon Teas, 14 Night Teas and 8 Probiotic Teas. According to Your Tea, the Morning and Afternoon Tea are the crux of the cleanse, designed to cleanse the liver and digestive system. Night Tea is intended to remove excess heat, having you cool, calm and relaxed, ready for a restful, rejuvenating night’s sleep. 

The Morning Tea
I'd like to give you some context before I start my review on the teas. I received the kit during my revision week before my finals in my final year. I thought it was a great opportunity to test them out as I do have a history of overly stressing myself out and having breakouts during the exam period. Thus, diligently, I drank the morning tea as per instructed. The tea has a mild taste and having a warm drink in the cold dreary England mornings has always been a routine I look forward to every day despite not looking forward to any of the scheduled revisions that follows.

As aforementioned, due to my Asian roots, I do have a slight bias towards eastern medicine. To my delight, the Liver Cleanse pack are all made up of a formula of Chinese herbs that are prepared by their team of professional Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners. Actually, this was also one of the main reason why I chose to take up this product review assignment over other detox/self-proclaimed 'slimming' products.

The Morning and Afternoon Teas are blended with Jasmine Green Tea (yay one of my favourite teas!) and many other Chinese herbs such as Dan Shen (Salvia Root), Bai Shao (White Peony Root), Huang Qi (Astragalus), Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes Rhizome), Chai Hu (Thorowax Root, Bupleurum), Mu Dan Pi (Chinese Herb: Mu Dan Pi (Cortex of the Peony Tree Root)), Gan Cao (Licorice Root), Tai Zi Shen (Pseudostellaria Root), Chen Pi (Orange Peels), Zhi Ke (Bitter Orange Peel), Chi Shao (Red Peony Root), Da Zhao (Jujube Fruit), Gou Qi Zi (Goji Berry).

I'm not going to pretend like I am a pro in this area as many of the herbs listed are quite beyond me. I can maybe recognise the orange peel, goji berry, red dates and liquorice. The mild taste of the Morning Tea came as a surprise to me as the tea bag did look really filled up with lots of herbs. However, I did notice better bowel movements as well as digestion which often comes together with drinking warm water in the morning. I usually take the Morning Tea after my breakfast as a way to prep myself for the revisions scheduled for the day. As I do not usually have problems with bowel movements or digestions, I treated it as a way to add flavour to the otherwise tasteless, good old H2O.

The Afternoon Tea
I usually take the Afternoon Tea after lunch. Again, it has a rather mild taste as well which I really like as reflected on my personal preference of white and green tea over the stronger tasting varieties such as black and red tea. Psychologically, it makes me feel like I am treating my body properly as you know how during exams, the quality of the food taken is usually lower due to the lack of time to cook proper food. As Newcastle is really cold in comparison to Singapore, it is often very therapeutic to watch the steam spirals from the mug; Cupping the mug in your hands and feeling the warmth spreading onto your palms whilst being in a 2 degree weather. I also did notice feeling more relaxed after a cup of warm tea (as you know, stress levels are usually constantly high as the exam date drew nearer).

The Probiotic Tea
This one is supposed to help with 'heatiness'. I had a pretty entertaining conversation once with my previous flat mate who was a British medical student. I was trying to explain to him the concept of being 'heaty' and also how our bodies have to balance the 'ying' with the 'yang'. He looked at me like i was crazy and said it was old wive's tales. As much as I hate to admit that he may have a better argument about how the body works as opposed to my argument of 'my mommy said so', I still insist that drinking/eating 'cooling' fluids/food such as herbal teas (liang teh) and watermelons really works.

Luckily for me, I didn't feel like I was really 'heaty', also, fearing that I will be too 'liang' which may potentially make me fall sick as well (not something you want to do when you're about to take your finals), the Probiotic Tea is the only tea that I did not finish drinking. I'm saving this for the next time I get a sore throat from eating 'heaty' food. :3

The Night Tea
The night tea has the strongest taste amongst the 4 teas. Naturally caffeine free, it contains a distinctive liquorice after taste. Not being a huge fan of liquorice, I must admit, I have skipped this tea once or twice with the Morning and Afternoon Tea being my favourite. However, as Newcastle is very cold, I really do enjoy a warm beverage throughout the day and into the night. My body is very sensitive to caffeines hence, I do not drink liquids containing caffeine after 5pm every day. This is thus, a great solution to my own particular preference towards the liquids I put into my body.

The night tea has a blend of ingredients that is put together to help remove excessive 'heat' from your body with ingredients such as lotus plant, lavender, rose and of course, as mentioned before, liquorice root. As mentioned before, it as a distinctive liquorice aftertaste that is not pleasant for people who doesn't like liquorice, however, as I do really like the taste of lavender and rose, I felt like this was a cup of tea that I do enjoy in general.

Totally not flexing

3. The Glass Thermos
The kit comes together with a leak proof glass thermos that has a mini sieve at the top to prevent any loose tea leaves from going into your mouth. It is currently my favourite bottle x mug and I use it to drink all my teas including the ones from the Liver Cleanse kit. I love the simplicity of the design and also the good glass quality. Initially I was a little skeptical as I was afraid that putting boiling hot water into a glass thermos is going to burn my hand at best, or worst, explodes. Surprisingly, the thermos was pleasantly warm to touch, understandably with boiling water sitting on its insides. It is very easy to grip and you can very easily see any dirt and clean off any remnants of the tea leaves.

4. Critiques
So after an overview of the product and a little discussion of my general impression, taste and feel of the teas, here are some of my critiques on the kit in general. I felt like the word 'Liver Cleanse' kit was a little misleading as your liver cleanses itself. I understand that the teas will aid in cleansing your liver but I felt like calling it a 'Liver Cleansing' pack can be a little bit misleading.

1) Packaging 10/10
I love the packaging and the presentation of the product. Information on the product was very clear and informative which, I really appreciates as anyone would want to know what exactly they are putting into their bodies.

2) Morning, Afternoon, Probiotic Teas 9/10. Night Tea 8/10
I couldn't really tell the difference between the teas besides their flavours. However, in general I love how the teas make me feel. Somehow, I always feel like my mood gets better and I do feel more relaxed. However, I felt like most teas would give you similar effects even though the liver cleanse teas have very unique taste that is not replicable by the store bought teas.

Liquorice Root. No. I really don't like it. Self-explanatory.

3) Glass Thermos 10/10
I love it! Works well, does not leak, pretty, portable, super useful!!

Overall rating for this product: 9/10
I honestly feel like it does what it says, elevates my mood, reduces stress, better bowel movements, better digestions. I love the suggested scheduling of the tea breaks and also, I really like how much effort were put into compiling the information booklet and the wealth of general heathy living information that makes it interesting to read in addition to the product information. There were suggestions on the type of food to take with eating plans, shopping lists and lots of recipe at the end. 9/10!

Thanks for reading my humble review. Till next time!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Crème Simon Review - Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist + Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50

Hi ya! How is everyone doing! It has been a crazy hectic few months and I'm just so glad that some of my deadlines are over and the holidays are fast arriving (Woohooo)!! It has been awhile since I've done a review on this page and today I would like to bring your attention to two of Crème Simon's products that I received over summer some time in August. The reason why the review is only up now is because I have decided to really use these two products diligently till they are empty in order to have a more accurate opinion on it's effectiveness on my skin and my overall rating for it. 

And no, I'm not paid to write this post.

Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist
The first thing I really really liked about this product is how the mist instantly preps your skin with no sticky residues. It has a permanent spot on my make-shift vanity table in Newcastle and I use it every morning as a little pick-me-up before applying make up and also after, as a setting spray. One of the many important things I look out for when picking out skincare products (no matter purchasing or accepting advertorials) are the alcohol content as well as the presence of parabens. To my delight, Creme Simon's toner mist is not only alcohol and parabens free, it also contains only natural active plant extracts. It also has a really light and mild floral scent that I really appreciate. As everyone knows, when make up is not removed properly, it really puts a lot of stress and damage to your skin. This particular toner does a pretty good job getting out the bits of make up you may have missed while cleansing.

**Edit: Whilst I was writing this post, I did some research (by research I mean googling the product) and to my surprise, Creme Simon's Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist actually won 4 different awards for the Best Toner in Women's Weekly, Nylon, Cosmo and Her World. That was pretty impressive and also further validates my good taste in selection of products. Heeheehee.

Crème Simon Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50
Together with the Toner, on my vanity table, sits the Creme Simon Daily Defense UV Protector. I know, I know. For those who have been to UK/Europe, you probably would be thinking, "Kayla, England is FOREVER overcast, except for maybe those rare 2 days, in the summer, when the sun is out shining. Why in the world would you need a sunscreen?"

Fun fact: Didja know, even if it rains 24/7, 365 days, as long as your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, you'll still get some damage to your skin. For this particular sunscreen, it has a cream-like texture that leaves the skin feeling matte, again, with no sticky after-feels. As I usually apply this after my toner and before my foundation, it is important to me that my sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast (it didn't). It also has a really lovely floral scent (please give it a good sniff if you see Creme Simon products on shelves. Trust me you'll love it. It smells soooo good!). It also doubles up as a great make-up base.

***Edit: Again, I've found out afterwards that this product has won multiple awards namely on, Cosmo and Her World. Thought it would be good to include this in the review as well. 

The pretty pictures with a nice set up and lighting were of course taken over the summer when I had a lot less responsibilities and more time on hand to do what I love. However, a more accurate picture of the products would be the ones above taken with my iPhone and study lamp. It is kinda embarrassing because, I do bring my sunscreen along with me when I travel. By "bring my sunscreen along with me" I meant, chucking it in my bag together with my planner, water bottle, camera etcetc....which, explains the stains on its surface (sheepish) even though you cannot really tell from the pictures.

After using the products in its entirety, here is my take on it:
1. Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist
As a Toner: Works well. Delivers what it promises. 8/10
As a Make-Up Setting Spray: Doesn't set make-up very well. Make-up still slides. May be due to the weather or the condition of my skin 6.5/10
As a Hydrating Mist: Works very well as a refreshing mist especially when I am living in such a dry country. 9/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

2. Crème Simon Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50
As a Sunscreen: Very pleased with its moisturising cream-like texture as well as the fact that it doesn't leave my skin looking way too fair/ghost like. Also really like the fact that it is not oily at all, especially for a sunscreen. 9/10
As a Make-Up Base: Was a decent make-up base, however, I do prefer my other make-up base over this product for this particular function. However, as a sunscreen, it works very well and delivers what the product claims to do. 7/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ending the review with a very satisfied looking Kayla. Heh. Thanks for taking your time out to read my humble review.

Till next time