Monday, 22 October 2018

My experience at LA VIDA™ (eyebrow embroidery)

Today I'm super excited to talk about something i've been dying to do ever since I got the scar on my eyebrow when I was 7. EYE BROW EMBROIDERY!!! 

The perfect brows for times when you want to be both casual...and dolled up! :D

Frankly speaking, I've been putting this off for many many many years. Reason being, I think of myself having a pretty low pain tolerance level. 

So...why do eyebrow embroidery in the first place?
I have a lot of insecurities just like everyone else, the two things I'm most insecure about on my face is my scar as well as my dark eye rings. I blame the dark eye rings on my job (ha ha ha I hope none of my colleagues are reading) but that is reversible. My scar, however, :( is not. I had it since I was 7 when my "partner" who was holding my hand and walking down the stairs decided to jump down the remaining steps instead of walking down sensibly like any normal human beings. Dragging me along, I fell smack face first onto the floor and back then, the specs I was wearing cut into my brows and ever since, not a single strand of hair grew along that scar :( So you can imagine why for the longest time I've been reaaaally wanting to do an eyebrow embroidery.

Why it took me so long?
I'm sure I'm not the only one. I can't imagine myself ever getting a tattoo, not because of the stereotypes having a tattoo may bring to you; nor was it the idea of having something permanent on my skin that was off putting. It was actually the idea of having a needle digging into me for hours on end that really makes me not ever considering having a tattoo ever. Similarly, I've seen way too many horror stories on facebook and instagram of bad embroidery work with blood oozing out of bloody eyebrows and how the colours faded into greens, reds and blues after a couple of weeks. I'm sure many can relate to my fear especially when the procedure is to be done on our faces and we all know how important a first impression can be. It cannot be changed easily or unseen.

(Weirdly, I'm actually fine with injections, blood tests and body piercings because usually the process is quick and painless.)

So after giving a little context on my (really weird) train of thoughts, I would like to share with you guys, why did I (finally) got the courage to go ahead with the embroidery at LA VIDA (Northpoint City).

They were actually not the first to have came to me for embroidery services and I personally do have a package for a beauty salon that covers eyelashes, nails and embroidery too. However, after doing some research, I felt more assured to leave my eyebrows in their hands. Reason being, a quick google shows they have 6 outlets in Singapore. Immediately I was assured that they are not a fly by night company. As their logo suggested, they branded themselves as eyebrow specialists (reassured x2) but further digging reveals they offer other really holistic beauty treatment in their sister company, like, SPAs, slimming, facials and many more and has been in practice for the last 8 years (definitely a plus plus plus plus point).

Me and my freshly embroidered brows with my pretty Korean, eyebrows specialist, Sunna. She's reaaaaally amazing. She's extremely polite and friendly. Also was really trying to reassure and check back on me periodically even though silly me was trying to be all brave and tough on the outside. 

P/s: I was actually freaking out a little especially when she told me to go to the back and brought out the blade. More on that later. 
P/s/s: I was pretty sure it wasn't obvious tho

Topical Anaesthesia
So first, she sat me down in a nice comfy sofa with a cup of warm beverage of my choice. (I'm also really afraid of the ya) and then she removed the make up on my eyebrows and applied some topical anaesthetic cream and told me to be comfy for the next 30 minutes.

Sketching out the brows
Then she went ahead to ask me some questions on the way I like my brows to be done, questions like the arch of my brows/straight brows/thin brows etc. She also takes my previous brow make up as a reference in terms of my preference in brow colours etc. I told her to follow my natural brow shape and that I do not really have a preference and will leave to her professional opinion. 

She took her time to really perfect my brows. My left brow is slightly lower than my right and I would know because drawing my brows and making them look even is my first challenge of the day everyday. I felt really bad because after all the time and effort to carefully sketch out my brows, I told her I actually preferred a straighter brow and also for it to be slightly thicker and positioned slightly nearer.

She was really patient and changed the sketch in accordance to my preference and also shared extensively on the after care of the eyebrows such as the dye will not last as long on the oiler areas of the face especially the "front" of the brows and of course, in my case, the scar on my eyebrow. She walked me through the after care process even before starting to do the micro-blading!

This was right about the time I started to panic a little. She brought me to a little room with curtains and got me to lay down so she has an easier access to my brows. She started wearing rubber gloves and she took out the blade. -insert cold sweat- I was bracing myself for the pain. She took out the brow pencil again and started to do some amendments. 

Suddenly, she spoke to me, "If it is hurting too much please let me know okay?"

And I was completely UNAWARE.

It's insane! The feeling I felt could be described more as how you know some salon they use a brow blade to scrape off your loose brow hair during eye brow shaping? YEAH THAT. Completely painless, besides feeling a slight pressure of something scraping the skin. I was SO relieved and I actually let out of laugh.

Me: "That was it? You've started?"
Sunna: "Yeah! Please tell me if it gets too painful okay"

It was completely painless. 

On the left: While she was doing one side of the brow.
On the right: Both sides done and she soaked some really soothing liquid into the cotton pad and placed over both my brows.

At this time, the brows were starting to really sting a little. However, it was so bearable, I hardly noticed it. (Bear in mind I really can't tolerate pain).

Deluxe Creative Brows
The type of brow I opted for was one of their highly raved "Deluxe Creative Brows". It is a semi-permanent make up with small incisions made with a micro-blade along the brow line to mimic brow hairs. Individual brow strands are carved in accordance to the direction of growth of the brow hair to imitate actual brow hair. According to Sunna, this can last me roughly 18-24 months depending on how I take care of my brows.

And the finished product!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Sunna gave me some cream to apply on my brows as part of the after care process and also told me it is normal for the brows to turn darker in the next couple of days before lightening.

I WAS SO HAPPY. I went home with my new brows and my mom saw them. She insisted I bring her to La Vida and to arrange for Sunna to do one for her too. So I did. My mom went down to the Northpoint City outlet too just to look for Sunna even though there were other outlets that was nearer to us. She was equally pleased with the brows! I've asked her for permission to post her photo up on the blog but she has flat out refused, said I got to pay her money. So ya, no picture of her here -hehehehe.

Sunna was right, it got progressively darker from Day 1 to Day 3. However, on Day 2, it started to reallllllyyy itch. I had to really remind myself not to scratch the scabbing as I was worried it may cause the embroidery to not last as long.

On Day 5, I went to Tioman to get certified as an Open Water Diver. I was actually highly discouraged by all my friends who has embroidery done before to go into the sea water and wear the diving mask because it may really affect the recovery process. However, my dive trip was planned so long ago:( I couldn't rearrange so I went ahead and look! They are still perfect! Though granted, you can almost see some parts of the skin is peeling off which is normal and to be expected especially around the edges of the brows.

Wet and soaked in sea water but still very pleased with my brows!

Day 6

Day 8

Day 8 was when it started to fade quite a bit. This is also around the time I started to touch up the brows a little with my eyebrow pencil. Which is again, to be expected.

Day 8 after make up :D

Day 12 

By now most of the scabbing is pretty much gone and omg you guys, I've save so much time everyday ever since the embroidery in my morning routine. Literally smack on some concealer and powder and go. Ofcourse the brows still need some touch up from time to time but only to fill up the empty spaces. Here is a picture of me prior to my eyebrow embroidery session. 

Me carrying baby riley when was only barely 2-3 months old!! I was so afraid of dropping him, literally had a awkward forced position and a frozen smile hahahahaha.

Last but not least, LA VIDA is having a promotion right now!
They will be offering their best selling Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery services at a promotional price of $398 + Complimentary touch up session (U.P $1369.60) to all their first-time customers (by appointment only) age 23 years old and above. 

My followers will also enjoy a complimentary facial treatment (U.P. $204) when appointment is booked via SMS/Whatsapp at 87976271 with quote "Kayla398"

Find out more here at:

tata!~ Enjoy fuller brows and a more youthful look with a new brow transformation! Please remember to redeem your facial too!

My next update will be on my touch up session with LA VIDA. Will be documenting the brows till then as well!
Thanks for reading, I love y'all!! Bye!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Kayla x Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Hello there!!! Oh gosh, I'm so excited to talk about today's review as this is a product that I've already been using for awhile before they came onboard and approached me to review. As you can probable tell by the title, it's Kanebo's Suisai Beauty Clear Powder!!

Look I still have empties to prove it!! I got mine from Japan when I was in okinawa and I've been loving it ever since. It's such a great product to bring with you for everyday use and it's amazing to bring around for staycations, post-gyms, swimming, going to spa and.....travels!!!

Developed under Kanebo, the suisai range was inspired by the "Gift of Fermentation". We all know fermented products are the best for us, be it in our guts to help digest the food or be it on our skin to break down the good stuff and makes it more easily absorbed into our skin.

It is formulated with moisturising elements such as fermented soy milk extract, pear juice extra and double hyaluronic acid. 

I couldn't read a single word of Japanese however, this product was put under a sign with "No. 1" featured in the drug store. Only today I found out that actually it was because Kanebo Suisai Star Product, the Beauty Clear Powder, was ranked No. 1 facial wash in Japan for 3 consecutive years!! 

LOL, well, when in doubt just buy all the products with "No.1" beside it. 

Highly raved by beauty enthusiasts all around Asia, it is an effective solution for people who has clogged pores (uh huh me), unwanted shine (uh huh me again), rough skin and excess sebum,

With the enzymes and amino acid in the cleanser, it decomposes keratin plus and exfoliate dead skin cells.

The one I'm holding is the last of my own Suisai cleansing powder. The japanese really knows how to do their packaging la!! So cuteeee!! 

As you can see, it is actually in the form of granule-structured powder in capsules.

Once mixed with water, it lathers quickly into a humidity-resistance, rich and voluminous lather.

Tadah!! I cheated la, I used a foaming net to achieve this but can you imagine, all of that foam produced from a super tiny capsule of powder?!?

The fine and soft foam is designed to envelope and remove impurities, resulting in reducing the size of pores, removing blackheads and acnes. 

Ofcourse if you're one of those blessed people with no problem in your skin, this would also primes your skin to better absorb the lotions and other skincare you're going to put on top afterwards.

Now you're abit luckier than me, don't need to fly to Japan to buy them, you can actually purchase them in Singapore. They retail for $27 for a pack of 32 or $14 for a pack of $15. 

And best of all, you can actually redeem for yourself a free sample of Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder from Sample Store before you think about if you would like to purchase!



To next time, BYEEE!!!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sample Store's First ever Beauty Show!! Sample Store X Beauty Keeper

HELLO THEREEEE!!! Oh my how I've missed you guys! Hope y'all having a great thursday today because hang in there, fri-yay is comingggg!!
Today I'm here to talk about Sample Store's first ever Beauty Show in collaboration with Beauty Keeper! It was held at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. (uh huh, uh huh, I know right, so fancyyyyyyyy) I am extremely thankful for the lovely people at Sample Store for inviting me to their first ever beauty show!! First up, let me show you my seat.

 Tadahh!!! Made me felt extra important hahahahaha, theres like seats labelled for the bloggers, the Sing! China Singapore Representative Finalists and other parties. Being the kiasu I am, I chose the front row seats.
 I always love events hosted by sample store because they are extremely caring when it comes to the welfare of their event attendees. Lunch was provided earlier despite the show starting at 1-ish pm. They could have simply told us to go ahead and take our lunch beforehand to cut cost but no, they provided lunch with food served from Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria! It was really good and my favourite is the roasted pineapples and the sliced beef! Yummmmmmmssss
 A lovely stage filled with Taiwan goodies from the Beauty Keeper greets us as we munch away on our lunch. It has pink lights and was really pretty!!!
 Goodie bag complimentary of Beauty Keeper. Yay!
As well as a bottle of juscool sparkling passion fruit juice! Not really a huge fan of carbonated drinks but this one was pretty o-kay. But I'm still not a fan.
 Up close and personal with some of the items available on
This picture sums up most of the event highlights! Featuring the talented make up artiste Candy Tiong. Look at her doing make up and skincare demo on the Grand Finalists of SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections! (Psssstttt he's damn cute lah) And not to forget, Hossan Leong as host of the show. He was extremely funny, really entertaining to watch. Kudos to the organiser for choosing such a great host!
During breaks between the various segments, we get to check out the booths at the back featuring more products, allowing us to try and test them.
This is hands down one of the items that really caught my attention!! Those foam on the right is formed by just a little bit of water. I touched it and the little pea sized foam on my finger actually produced more bubbles when I rubbed my hands together, forming more densely packed cleansing foam. Amazing! Also named "tai tai soap" because all the tai-tai(s) in Taiwan use this soap.
 Sports bra with patented designs and airy breathable material!
 One of the even highlights featuring the Grand finalist of Sing! China, Singapore selection....and OMG! I didn't know Norbin participated let alone came in top 5. Great job!!!
 All the finalists!

Now I am going to talk about the content of my goodie bags! After hearing so much about all the various Taiwanese products from the Beauty Keeper, now it is finally my turn to try them for myself! 

Patented designs in the yarn as well as the design of the bra allows nicer cleavage and more support for every active activity needs! Being blessed with smaller bewbz, I rarely ever have problems with backaches or lack of support for the sisters. However, I do realised that perspirations do dry faster wearing these. 

 Facial Mask Beauty Brush by Lamsamyick.
Facial masks always get stuck on your hands when you use them. With this brush, it is a whole new experience. Never use your hands to apply cream base facial mask again.

Softness of the brush allows for a very even spread of the facial product across the face. Especially the hard to reach areas such as the smaller section of your face. E.g. eyes, nose, hairline and neck.

I also used this to push the product dripping from my face upwards when I use sheet masks. Allowing  micro face massage while still keeping my hands clean!

I have little stretch marks between my bum and my thighs, I have been using this. I do notice the skin on the area seems more supple and more soft but have yet to really see much improvements on the reduction of stretch marks. I might have to use it for a longer period of time to see more effects?

The goodie bag includes 3 capital land vouchers, a notebook, a pouch as well as a book of stamps featuring the judges and organisers of Sing!China season 2 Singapore Selection. Really love the thoughtful and practical gifts!!

Last but not least, NuBox partnered with Sample Store and throw in Otter box Defender Series Rugged Protection Phone case! Well, it's a shame because i'm using an iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7Plus case is definitely not gonna fit my phone :( However, heres some details of the case if y'all are interested!

Thanks for taking your time out to read my review today!! Hope to catch y'all soon!!! xx