Saturday, 31 December 2011



I took my first step to forget you for good. Putting my resolution and words into action :)
Continued my job at Legend.
Knew many awesome colleagues, theresa, yiwei, jiemin ♥
1/1/2011, also the first time i drink and drunk hhahhahaha. cheryl vaney vincent yaowei jiexiang ♥
Went to my first pub[cedans]

Probably one of the most awesome months this year.
I got enrolled into singapore poly :) in the integrated events and project management course
got to know my fellow jurong point xcraft-ers
went to my first siam tiu [titanium]
spent my valentine with my baby girl cheryl at malaysia♥
became great friends with jem liew zike dx lionel lwj ljh lloyd etc♥.
knew a awesome friend, javier :)
wish you will forgive me for what i did. :(
went to nex for the first time HAHAHA [casper]

went BKK with my girls♥
amber 21
toxic bar
went to my first beach party [azzura]
first fish caught by yours truely [yio chu kang jetty, it's a catfish!]
quit my job at legend.


5 consecutive nights of drinking and many other nights of craziness
3 consecutive nights at club soul w bros and cheryl!
became the mayor of Jab1
went to my second siam tiu [ MBK ]
went to avatar for the first time
permed my hair and the curls fucking last for 3 days
knew people like aloy, king, ah tham. hahaha
flew my first kite at MBS. [ the string snapped though ]
first quarrel with cheryl . :(
first miso steamboat at jem jem's place
first day of school.
first time dying my hair
knew an awesome classmate: OLIVIA♥ !!!

happy birthday to me! and also spencer![as well as clar, mark zuckerberg [yay], joan, eisabess]
blackout during spencer's celebration. seemed like my first step was't enough after all
had my first MST
studied for my exams till there were BRUISES on my palms from writing so hard.
fell out with afew people like lionel. lol.

jem jem cheryl liew zike daoxiang birthday!♥
kerbe too!
club soul again
school etc.

first time to zirca
first time to rebel
first time dining at triple 3 mandarin [thanks clarence! (kim) ]
went to a mixage party ._.
baked my first batch of cupcakes
became mayor of vaney lee super bed HAHA
first time to suncity.
happy birthday stanley
highlighted my hair
learnt a lot of things on this month, thank you clarence :) [kim]

Bao zhi ling
got to know gabriel chiang!
clarence peh posting randomg stuff on my wall LOL
helped out at another mixage party -.-
first DEPM formal presentation
first time out with aizai bruce jeremy tan w vaneyyy♥
went sentosa with jem jem and co♥


amber 21
club nana
happy birthday shiquan and justin wong
worked at TGX, knew awesome people like clarence peh amos miya luke mango ben.
miyake wong came to talk to me hahaha.
worked at MBS, me and cheryl 's photo got featured on show daily[heeeheee]
worked at dior, got fucking blisters, great pay though.


illuzion + club nana [halloween night]
blond hair
ash brown blond hair?? [LOL??]
happy birthday vian derrick and gab
finished my first sem?
some conflicts with s and xj.


club nana
bishan park
sky garden
out on almost every friday w clar amos shin steph luke mango ben
happy birthday brandon, adel, miya
steamboat every other week
11/11/11, receieved a sweet wish from sinn.
2359 and ran out of the cinema half way w sinn HAHA
got my dr marts♥ [REFER TO 24th DEC POST XMAS EVE ONE]
studied like hell for my MSTs
out on a night with ivy [winks]
removed my tongue piercing.
this is the month where i think i made the biggest mistake of my life. lol. never again i swear and promise.


chop my hair short
dyed my hair red
worked for yet another event.
supper + lan almost every night for a week with joel adel ian raga brandon han justin soh!
ding tea for 3 consecutive with my ASSISTANT, ADEL TEO
happy birthday van, hosted at my place
spent my xmas with xiao tecktonik
survivor of xmas sprays!
shopping shopping shopping!
about to spend my last day of 2011 with jem jem liew zike junhong daoxiang jiali wei hao wei teck and yiming!


spread the love around people. start hugging each other!♥

im sorry if i left out afew people!
i cant rmb all! do tell me if i missed you out!!
thankyou all awesome people who taught me so much and let me experience so many new things
bad things good things, bad memories good memories, there're lessons learnt.
I would say 2011 is a awesome year for me
ofcourse there were hurt, tears, anger
but those are the things that make your life interesting.
shall end here. :) i hope for a better year ahead as always.
happy new year everybody XOXO.

p/s: still my fav cover of "someone like you" by adele XX

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