Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Newspaper Nailz

so this was my first attempt doing the news paper nail.
i used old POSB receipt i found in my purse and water
cause i reckoned it will be less damaging to my nail as compared to the remover
and voila! the ink came off nice and bold.
even the residue from the receipt came off!
but i threw away that receipt and i cant find any more lying around the house
so i decided to stick to the original method of using remover and newspaper!
 so first you put on base coat
and a coat of light grey polish [ i drip two drops of black polish into my white one LOL ]

 cut out your news paper!
dip into a solution of remover + water
or pure nail polish remover if you want.
press REALLY REALLY REALLY hard and give it a couple of minutes
i was too impatient so the ink didnt really come off on my index finger the first time
as you can see, the ink on the middle finger is way darker. you really got to be patient
and press hard and long on your nailzxc
peeel it off! it looked as if the ink is very light here because part of the newspaper
got stuck onto my nail!
wait for the ink to dry and wet your finger in water and rubbbbb eeeet offfff 
make sure the ink is dry though. else you'll just rub the ink off too.
finallyyyyy! my thumb look so gross here
anyways, i decided that it still look really plain so i attempted to write my name on my nails
but silly me started the first letter on my index finger -.-
so end up i just shorten my name
let me clarify, it's not a reference to yan kay kay okayyy
im not saying im her!
alrighto cheers!

p/s: my right hand's fingers are all still in an ugly shade of grey. too lazy to repeat the whole thing again on my right hand

p/s/s/s: XOXO ♥

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