Tuesday, 27 December 2011

one lucky bitch :'(

was out with miya earlier today
caught mission impossible
AWESOME SHOW. but miya say its "good" only
never thought i will have a serious conversation with him ever
cause he's so crappy HAHAHAHA
turned out he's quite nice to talk to actually!
pull him to coldstone for icecream [he owns a marbleslab outlet]
and force him to betray his own brand!!! muahahah
no la. keeedingzxc.
had fun ^^
i need to make full use of my holidays!!!! :B
alrighto no pictures taken today cus i din bring my camera out! :/

p/s: you can be cocky, if you have what it takes to be cocky. you can be confident if have what it takes to be confident. but if you're a nobody, bloody hell lower down your ego k. stop living in your own world where everybody revolves around you. you need to wake up. kthanksbye. waste my time.

P/s/s: there's many pros and cons of being single. One of the disadvantage is that when you're being bullied nobody's gna stand up for you. You gotta solve your own fucking problem yourself. At least if you're attached you know who will definitely be there to hear you rant and rave like a mad woman.

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