Sunday, 11 December 2011


So i was really mood-less and really easily irritated yesterday
I've decided not to force my company on innocent people and vent my bad mood on them
i think it's the after effects of hard liquor
like... i don't get hangovers but i guess i do get a little more hot tempered than usual
-unsheathes claws-

after a couple of hours of doing NOTHING on my bed
i thought to myself, okay that's it. this is the final fucking straw.
usually I'll wait till Cheryl needs to touch up her roots or something
but i guess she has her boyfriend for that now :(  [HATE YOU]
Anyways, i've decided to do it the "systematic" way instead of the "any-o-how" way like we always do HA HA
emptied content into a plastic box and used a brush instead of using the bottle they provide.
mix mix mix mix mix. a lovely peachy pink colour !
mixed one box only because i didn't want to waste the dyeee
basically i apply the dye with a brush generously on my parting first
then all along the hair line,behind my ears, till the back
then i section my hair into half from my crown, vertically, so i have two sections, left and right
and i section half of each side again, horizontally this time, around the area from my ears
then slowly colour section by section, 
the back was damn uneven la. i think i missed out few strands so they are like freaking
pink in colour now :(
but overall still look fine la!
in certain lightings you can totally tell that i missed out the ends of my hair
but look kinda cool also. like I've dip dyed my hair or something. hhahahaha
i think next time I'll just touch up the roots and not dye the whole head.
Else i think my hair will seriously disintegrate at touch
it's been so long since i put on the freaking thick eye liner and dark eye shadow hahahaha.
[ my blond hair totally don't suit that kind of make up!! :( ]
but then again! i think i look better with less eye make-up -.-
more pictures!
anybody want to make a bet with me like how long this red colour is gonna last??
i bought colour stay shampoo though!! :B
the last time i dyed my hair red, it came off after a week or so though.
bitch, just made up your mind already! you wanna look gothic or cute? X

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