Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tarot card reading?

Okay so I admit I'm not supposed to be doing all this gibberish.
I mean like... I'm a freaking Christian!
Hahaha in my defense, i was curious! and ... bored ~.~
so I went to google about tarot cards and found out that you can do it on playing cards too.

[dont judge me okay, i bought these cards when i was really really young, silly and had a mad crush on jay chou]

[yes i used to listen to chinese song but that was freaking long time ago]

[no, i dont have any chinese songs in my playlist now, no, dont ask me why.]
so you're supposed to put those cards into a "celtic" cross formation
and then turn the cards over, one by one, read them and cross reference to the meaning behind the cards at the bottom of the page [ link below ]
Personally, i think most of it was pretty bullshit-ish
until i reached card 7.... and i freaking laughed out loud HAHAHAHA
so card 7 is supposed to be your root issues
and i got ten hearts!
[ i repeat, DON'T JUDGE ME LOL :B]

wow! so the my root issues is true love!
LOL fuck i dont know why i find it so funny when it's supposed to be damn saddening

anyways, i think the whole tarot reading thing is pretty rubbishy
because i obviously dont know how to do it properly LOL
and not everything on the net is true anyways.

you can try it if you're bored like me HAHA
p/s: if the link dont work, go to the "How to" section at the side bar of
and click "how to read tarot cards"

If you predict your own death, it's none of my business okay?


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