Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bugis > OldSchool > Town! + Haul Post

 Saturday was a great shopping day with vaney lee! :D
went to so many different places and i still have stuff that i need to buy!!
why town close so early!?!? :(
basically, we went to eat our lunch first! at pasta box :D
 i wasn't that hungry so i only had some potato wedges >=(

 vaney had the pasta thing
not too bad you know!
it's located at cityvibes, first floor.

while waiting for Le Train

 on zee train!
reached bugis. my goodness the crowd is unbelievable!
and i strongly believe they jack up the price cause everybody was doing their cny shopping >=(
didnt buy much there though.
we've decided against squeezing with the rest of them. so off to old school we go!
 TADAHHHHH pretty or what!
 Yes, we must take picture with the sign.

 Spotted the poster and we signed on it!

 before you reach Old School
you need to climb this @#$@%$%#$%#$%@%-ing high staircase
wtf!!! imagine if you study here. RP students who always complained about the road

between the MRT and the school, you guys should totally try walking to old school from dhouby and climb this crazyass stairs!
 trying to act chio while being really irritated and hot and sweaty and pissed etc etc
 the place is kinda nice for photo taking though.

 actually the reason why there's so many photos of the stupid stairs is, 
we just didnt want to climb them so we tried all ways to waste as much time as possible LOL
look! vaney even took out a stick to puff just so i have to wait for her to finish her stick.
smart right that smelly ass.
 Head to town!
had our dinner at Seoul Garden at Cine :D
 chomp chomp
Yum yum nom nom
 head over to ion
but by the time we got there, town closing already :(
bought a few stuff at sephora and we had to call it a day.
 on bus back!

Went up to my place count our loots and all
then Vaney head home :D


My F21 stuff!
a basic tee, a sequins top and a tank dress!

new look and topshop!
another basic purple dress and patchwork top!
stuff from flea! and the only two top i got from bugis!
faux leather dress, cotton oversize dress, blue crop top[it's only 6 bucks!a fucking steal!],plum dress

accessories from flea and bugis! :D
the ribbon necklace was only freaking 2 bucks wtf!
2 pairs of similar ear studs cause i cant make up my mind which colour i want :(
the diamond ear studs were magnet studs LOL bought them cus they were only 1 buck!
vampy connector ring
hearts connector ring
mr mustache connector ring
all from the flea! goodness. so cute and so cheap!
now i know why vaney like to go flea so much. so many good finds!

Sephora loots!
you wont believe your eyes from soap &glory
sexy mother pucker from soap & glory
Urban Decay primer potion.

still feeling pretty grumpy that naked 2 palette has yet to be launched in singapore...
and i thought i would make do with naked palette but it's freaking out of stock

super duper cute iphone casing i got from the flea!
not a huge hello kitty fan but this is too cute!


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