Tuesday, 13 March 2012

happy 18th birthday to darence pak & ezella!

 look of the day!
so head off to vivo to meet tecktonik and then to festive hotel for ezella's birthday!
 this girl at ezella's 
gave her my stickies. :D
 must admit she's kinddddddd-----aaaaa cute.
kindaaaaa but not really, just kindaaaa
okay fine. i just dont like kids okay
but she's just kinnnnndddaaa cute. -agreed grudgingly-
 a really sick looking picture of me taken by tecktonik
 from ezella's camera!
 stayed till around 10-ish and i head off to darence pak's birthday at the chevron's!
 just in time for me to catch my breathe and cut cakeeeee

 sing song sing song
 pak-kie making a wish!
 ran away but got dragged back to cut cake HAHA
 looking very grumpy because everybody was being soo rough
pretty self-explanatory
 ouchhhhhh :/
okay im being pretty hypocritical LOL 'cause i was laughing my ass off while taking this picture

 drunkard forcing seng yang to drink
which seng yang refused even after 15 fucking minutes of physco-ing LOL
end up he did la. grudgingly though.
drunkard snatching my camera from me to take a picture of seng yang just because he dw to drink LOL
i like seeing drunk people perform though
so long as i dont have to take care of them >:D
okay end of postttt gonna blog another longass one about genting. STAY TUNE!

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