Thursday, 22 March 2012

Who the fuck am i kidding?

So i haven't been updating this little space of mine for quite some time now.
basically im currently working at this market research company call connecting insights with xiaotecktonik
bang! there goes all my social life but i'm not complaining.
at least i still have tecktonik while at work LOL and i've no idea he's so childish!
Anyway, so i caught the hunger game today with nathson
the show's really really good. Before i caught it, i thought it was pretty overrated
what with everybody spamming the twitter about how much they want to watch it and all
 but seriously, it's really good.
anyway i went home and i found a cup of koi from vaney
omg sometimes i dont understand what i did to deserve so many awesome people in my life
really really really am very very grateful :')

okay i need to stop blabbering. till next time!

p/s: I'm screwwwwww this timeeeeeee

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