Thursday, 12 July 2012

Marc By Marc Jacobs

 So i was at Orchard Road today and i thought i should pop by MBMJ to say hi to Glenda
and omggggg there was a huge 60% sale going on in there for all Club 21 members
of course for the standard items such as iPhone/iPad/Laptop casings and the new arrivals for bags are not on sale BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS

So i see a very excited Glenda pulling me around the store showing me all the super chio bags that are on sale.
And....... i succumbed to the temptations :(
got this super cute clutch at only $212 !!!!!! [Usual Price $530]
Tell me worth it or not! wtf

So currently it's for Club 21 members but a few days later it's going to be opened to the public
and afew bags are already OOS. Gosh!
So Glenda was trying to disturb me lah... she pulled me to one of her colleagues and went like: this one my friend ley! pretty right!
and WTF! that guy served me when i got my MBMJ bag last year! LOL
and also the day i became a member of Club21 too!
Damn cool seriously the world is so small hahahah
p/s: i was so glad that my bag wasn't included in the sale
i would probably have killed myself if it's subjected to the 60% sale too T-T
 Kinda reminds me of Hermes actually. I dont know why!
Check out my vein-ny left arm
kekeke byeeeeee

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