Monday, 24 September 2012

Make Over Shoot.

A collaboration between photographer Michael Chua, and MUA Xavier Ayden. 
[This explains the crazy hairdo and make up -__-]
commercial style so that xavier can include some of them into his thesis
tbh i really hated the hairdo, that's why i removed them the very moment i'm allowed to. hahaha
anyway here are the photos!
no, i'm not naked hahaha. was wearing a tube!

 After removing the bobby pin party that was happening on my head LOL
 Check out my super dry hair D:
 LOL totally can see where my roots end and where the stupid bleached hair starts
 urgh stupid hairdo. i had like 4 huge flowers pinned to my head
SEE?!? there's another blue one at the other side.
 changed my eye make up, new background and brushed out all the hair spray and bobby pins. :D
 my fav photo from this shoot! [because you cant see most of my face. lol]
 even michael said i look alot better without all the crazy make up and hairdo. pissed :@
 some informal shots for keepsake hahaha. still damn heart pain for my poor hair.
 hear no evil!

with courtesy to xavier! ^^
crazily enough, there was 7 freaking lamps used for this. two got cropped out of the picture D:
[yes, there was one behind me too, i had to constantly move to hide the lamp from the lens]
but overall it was really fun and Michael was one of the best host ever and Xavier was ever so entertaining with his super lame and cold jokes. hahahaha

okay that's about all!
thanks for reading♥ :)

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