Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gigi♥ + Priiidddy doggy treats + YSL Lippys+ Rilakkuma

Priiiiddy doughnuts for my priiiidddy gigi♥♥♥ :D
so i got my pay and i thought i would spurge them on some yummy doggy treats for my darling♥
went to pet safari at vivo and went gaga over all the cute little puppies over there ♥.♥
spent almost as much time at the hammy station too because there was this dumb (but cute!!!) hamster
which kept flipping over, backwards, landing on its head while doing so HAHAHA
omg i'm getting so amused just by remembering LOL.
SO PRETTY RIGHT, so tempted to try them cus they look so happy and yummilicious♥
and also to prevent my DSLR from collecting too much dust. hahaha i need to bring my dslr baby out more often D:
This rascal has been eyeing on my shopping bags the moment i got home.....

Finally he gets to devour what's in the bag ! :B
Sniff sniff

so anyway, i got my YSL lippy
the story behind these two is a long one though
you can skip reading this if you have no interest in make up :B

so basically, i chose a lip colour from YSL, called rouge volupte in number 8 [ the colour shown above]
and the sales person gave me a lipstick from the volupte sheer series in number 8 which was a sheer purple colour [ i know right?!! PURPLE?! ]
so i went back to the shop and got the lady who served me to check again, she came back and inform me that the lip colour i wanted was out of stock. :(
the manager came up to me and told me to come back a week later to collect my lipstick when they have new stocks coming in.

which i agreed!
so a week later when i went down, another sale man served me and guess what? he gave me the stupid purple lipstick again !!!! gosh, i was like what? this is the wrong colour again! He went ahead and told me that he's only an employee so he cant help me do an exchange and got me to put down my number AGAIN.

so of course by that time i have already given up hope on getting the rouge volupte 8 :(
so i tried the lip colour on the back of my hand and tbh i kinda hated it even though purple lip colour supposed to be in trend right now due to the fall season and i went out of the shop again. D:

two day later the manager called me and told me that actually the lip colour that i wanted has already discontinued their collection but he will give me the tester and also let me choose a new lip colour cus he know i didnt really fancy the purple lipstick LOL

so nice of them, so atfirst i was pretty apprehensive regarding the condition of the tester, i mean like, there were probably countless people testing out the lipstick but no! the tester was in perfect condition and the lipstick bullet was almost as good as new :O

the surface's cracked because i actually used it before taking this photo hahahaha when it was given to me, it was in tip top almost perfect condition !
so this is the other lip colour i chosed from the volupte sheer collection. this is in number 6 i think
DONT JUDGE A LIPSTICK BY ITS BULLET quoted from michelle phan :B because when applied it's the prettiest shade of coral. i'm in love♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
totally not appropriate for fall but who cares? it's always summer in singapore anyway. pfffttt 
and i love the packaging♥♥ ITS SO CLASSY♥♥♥♥
anyway so i was at prize stage the scape outlet one.
people who knew me long enough would have known i cant be bothered with claw machines because i always don't get anything out of them >:(
so rictus was like, c'mon just try !

omg, and of course i became unbearable LOL. holding my Rilakkuma like a trophy waving infront of his face, calling him a noob and acting as if i'm some sort of professional soft toy catcher LOL
Not being able to stand me being all showy offy, he went to another machine and caught this within two tries LOL FUCK! can't show off anymore

ziming probably thought we were nuts, two overly grown kids acting like some clown in some claw machine stall lawl.
got home and i fed my baby gigi with the new doggy treats!
gosh they smelt sooooo good, i swear i was summoning all my will power from the universe to prevent myself from popping one of those in my mouth HAHAHA.
well, i felt as eager as he look when i opened up the dog treats LOL
forced him to camwhore with me before he gets to eat hweehweehwee
trying to act stupid
then he spotted the dog treat on my hand 
pretended as if he doesnt care for the dog treat
Are you going to feed that to me or not you stupid human -grumpy-

HAHAHA okay i feel stupid scolding myself.
okay finally end of my blog post, it felt good to be blogging again ^^

alright! BYEEEEEE♥

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