Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cat Ears Beanie

So i'm very sure everybody should have seen those super cuteee cat ear hats by now
I didnt want to buy one because i thought they were seriously over priced online and i seldom wear hats anyway :(

 {As seen on Tammy tay.}

Just look at the bowler hats i have at home. All collecting dust on my shelf  >:(
So i was really bored at home while waiting for 6pm to come before i can head off for my christmas gift exchange dinner with the sephora girls

I thought i should try to make one for myself! HAHAHA
A little experimentation here and there.
nah kidding. i got it right the first time by accident AND OMG GUYS

I love it so much. HAHAHAHA 

So i went crazy and start camwhoring like crazy with my new beanie! 
Thought seriously i think it kinda look like a pair of teddy ears instead of cat's
OH WELL. I refuse to hear a single insult or nonconstructive comment on my beanie!! >:(
hehehehehehehehe smooch.
 Just slap on some make up and start camwhoring already because i was so excited to see how they look in pictures :D :D :D

Felt as if i'm in some wintery snowy country celebrating a white christmas HAHAHA

 why is it not snowing in singapore?
 Wrapped my beanie around one of my bowler hats and tadah! i got myself a bowler cat ear hat!
hehehe last of my face for this post ^^
alright tata. bye bye :D 

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Celyx Lim said...

Why don't you post a tutorial on how did you make the beanie? :D