Friday, 14 December 2012


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Food for thought?

Horoscopes — Fun But Utterly Fallible

".....What Forer discovered was that people have a tendency to accept vague and general statements as accurate about themselves without the benefit of any objective measurement. When empirically false statements sound positive, they will agree that the traits describe them accurately. This subjective perception is sometimes called the Forer effect....."

"......Even professional astrologers, however, might pooh-pooh mass market horoscopes. So researchers John McGrew and Richard McFall conducted a more elaborate study in 1990 going beyond simple newspaper horoscopes and focused on detailed astrological charts.

They had six expert astrologers and one nonastrologer attempt to match the birth chart horoscopes (prepared by professionals from the Indiana Federation of Astrologers) of 23 people to their case files, which contained life histories, photos and results from a standardized personality assessment and a vocational interest inventory.

Now predict the outcome! You got it: None of the six astrologers was able to match the 23 astrological charts with the 23 case files better than the one nonastrologer or by chance alone. More embarrassingly, there was very little inter-astrologer agreement......"

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Realized how shaken my faith is despite my strong believe that i will not sway from the right path :( I should go back to church.

LOL. Okay it's not going to happen anytime soon. ~.~

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