Monday, 4 February 2013

Sneak Peek

I think i look really crappy in most of them 
[i'm not uploading the ugly ones >:( ]
I wasn't allowed to smile throughout the shoot
[and i look like crap when i'm not smiling]

you've no idea how much i hate walking in the grass
and i spend 2 hours walking in ankle deep grass D:
can you imagine my lovely white heels sinking into the muck!!
not to mention all the insects crawling up my calves
and the long pointy grass pricking me
and the ants living in the logs :(

plus i was still having a slight fever and the shoot was at woodleigh [so far omg!!]
  well i tried to cooperate as much as i can. after all the photographers have a more difficult job than i do. 
you can see me trying not to stand too near the dead tree
this one in particular is totally INFESTED with ANTS i swear.
omg some bit me also *angst.

i know the scenery looks very nice and calm, peaceful
but i swear it was NOT.

Then it rained like nobody's business towards the end, drenched and all, i'm really glad the shoot is over
great job to the both of us i think. 

My photographer has a lot of patience with me.
He kept apologizing and do whatever he could to help me make my life a bit easier 
[stamping on the grass so that it will be flat and not prick me, carrying my heels to a certain spot so that i won't have to walk so far and destroying all the spider webs in my way]  

Luckily i lost my voice and wasn't able to talk properly throughout the shoot
[i've tonsilitis, that explains the fever],
else seriously my complains really nonstop

Each time my heels sank into the muck i'll scream: 

and the photographer would laugh. 

i'm so glad that they are really understanding and , despite all my complains, i cant wait to see the rest of the photos! :)


Updates: Updated photos

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