Monday, 8 April 2013

Hong Kong!!!

Seriously the editing of pictures took me 2 solid days, uploading took half a day, im really tired right now 
shall briefly go through what happened!
First meal at the changi airport

First picture in hongkong!
checking into the hotel!

to test if the bed's comfy or not!
bath and get ready to head out!
head out to meet my relatives
two twinnie uncles and grandpa!

ootd :D
streets of HK, every street looked so similar i dont even rmb which one this one was!
yi jing!
tried some street food
"yu dan" aka fish egg(?)

times square!

went to temple street

Got my fortune told. SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME
shall not reveal what was told to me here but if you're interested, come talk to me about it!!

The Clark Quay of Hong kong!
:$ heh
Some ang moh bought me and cheryl a minnie mouse head band each HAHAHA, and guess what? Now i have two! because i already got an exact same one from working on one of the weds nights  

All of us were braving the fucking wind and cold temperature in our party dresses LOL.
i swear all the other party goers were in coats and jackets with scarfs and boots hahahahahaha 

And we got our polaroids taken and pasted on the shop's wall! [ shots selection ] 
you have to win some sort of shots competition to have your photo pasted on the wall but we didnt and we still pasted our photo there anyways HAHAHA #cheater

Day 2 

OOTD at the ladies street!
found a new boyfriend :D
Breakie at London Restaurant - DIMSUM!!!!

Cutest custard bun ive ever seen
Ladies street again!
Dinn at some steamboat place

peepin' tom vivi

Love my new clutch!!

Love the lighter too! it has a new owner nowwwww no i did not buy my chanel lipstick from the ladies market heh. i just thought they looked good together 

went to watch the symphony of lights
supposedly the holder of a guinness world record for some sort of laser light show
it was so disappointing :( and i stood there freezing my socks off with the bloody wind constantly trying to blow me off my feet.  brrrrr.

One of my favorite pictures from the trip. the super pretty clock tower!!
look like something right out of the harry potter movie
no, corrections, it looked like hogwarts!!!! 


all busy camwhoring!!
so then we head to avenue of stars!
and thats me with the palm prints!

avenue of the stars
head over to the wax museum. went crazy in there HAHAHA


shooting electricity into each other's eyes
Hi five!!!


why chu sho tall?! 



with monroe's wig heh

Went up to the Peak after that
chose the wrong timing to go :(
all we saw was clouds and more clouds
on the same level as us and below us
cant see no scenery.

see!!!! so foggy :(
took the tram down to the bottom again

Soaked our poor tired legs in the steaming water  and that concludes our day 2!!!

Day 3!!!

 Look of the day!
 on the disney express!

 Why we so cute?!?!?!
Chip/Dale and minnie mouse hat! 

 so heavy

 breakkieeeeeeeee [sorry idk why some of the pictures will jump around :(]

 Bought the first food snack in HK Disneyland 

 why only i look like im really excited to be there? >:(

 yes i am only 2 and a half inch tall heh.


 met up with the rest of my relatives on that night
 my baby cousins are so cute!!!

So they sent me back to my hotel. So happy to see them!! Missing the other two of my cousins though who were in Australia doing their degree

please ignore my face D: stupid candid shot but my baby cousins look really cute here 

Went back to soak in the steaming bath tub again and that concludes day 3!!

Day 4 

 look of the day!

 Went to Chrome Hearts!!

 Did some last minute souvenir shopping at the agnes b cafe

 i just never thought i would spend so much money on chocolates lorhhhhhh. 

branded chocolates LOL!

Ate a quick lunch and we rush back to the hotel to get our luggage and fly back to sg!!

Had lotsa fun and i cant wait for the next trip!!
was really home sick but i was there with really awesome people and that kinda made up for it :D

till next time! xoxo

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