Monday, 20 January 2014

Thank you Vincent x Kenaris Salon

Went back to Kenaris to get my hair toned to a more work-acceptable colour. A huge thank you to my hair stylist for making my hair so pretty every single time!
Really appreciates how he puts in effort to ensure my hair look amazing every single time I step out of the salon before the show, during the show and after the show! I'm sure I do not have to emphasize again how good my hair look before and during the show. (Click Here to read about it)

Even when it comes down to just toning my hair down after the show to something less loud so that it is more suitable for my work.He made sure that he did a good job with the dyeing, styling, even blow drying!
If you are looking for a good stylist to entrust your precious hair to, I highly recommend my hair stylist. Do look for Vincent at Kenaris Salon, located at Wheelock Place. (81111868)
Thank you for doing so much for my hair! :)


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