Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nourishments for Your Soul

"It has beens 2 months after my internship with FLY Entertainment." Translation: It has been 2 months of doing nothing after 6 hectic months over at FLY.

Needless to say I almost went mad. Like OMG can you imagine working around the clock over an extensive period of time and suddenly BAMF! Suddenly you are reduced to just rolling around in your bed for the next 6 months while waiting for your university to start the new semester?

Anyway, I've been thinking about the idea of a Sanctuary for awhile. Somes times I unplugged and went silent for hours alone, only to discover the retreat I chose was anything but silent. I got lost into my daydreams, reliving past memories and analysing them in different angles. Finding patterns in the turn of events and trying to make new sense out of what things originally seems when it met the eye.

A sanctuary to me, is as much of a state of mind as it is a physical location.
I also regain my mental footing by bringing myself out for "dates" to satisfy my need for my "me-time". Yes I am painfully aware of how crazy I sound. People who knows me, knows that I hate doing anything alone. Yet sometimes I just needed my "me-time". Don't judge :( Humans are made up of a whole lot of illogical decisions, conflicting thoughts and contradictions and I am no different.

At the end of these mini sessions of solitude, I often emerged as somebody with a new level of renewal for the soul. New wisdom, new attitude towards different things, new understanding for people. 

I don't know about you, but I tend to take refuge in my mind. Sometimes. Okay, a lot actually. More than I'd admit. Sometimes even while I am having a conversation with people. Maybe you even!

A sanctuary is a place for you to connect with yourself through different activities that nourish your heart and soul.

I get my sanity back when I sit down and solely concentrates on applying make up before my papers during my poly days for instance. The mere routine-ish nature of putting on make up, grounds me and settles my nerves also momentarily allows me to escape the nightmarish thoughts of flunking the paper (regardless of how bloody prepared I am).

I guess I just felt the need to get this post out of my system because sometimes people just simply don't understand. Dont get me wrong, I love being around people but sometimes I also need to be left alone while being around people. (Tsk the introvert in me)

However, I chose to believe I am not the only weirdo in this hectic world that we are living in. It is important to occasionally close the door upon the world and take the first step to come home to yourself. Do some self-reflection and rid the things that does not nourish your soul.


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