Monday, 30 January 2012

CNY + HAPPY BDAY XIAO PANG + 2 consecutive days at Zirca

happy birthday xiao pang!
went over to chevrons with cheryl to celebrate xpang's birthday!
one of the first to turn 18 :(
trying not to look awkward while winking HAHA
red hair red lippy red glitter dress :B

seldom have the guts to wear red lipstick out. 
CNY bainian at vivian's and wilson's place!
red hair red dress red heels LOL
she's sexy as usual!
whereas im just.... mehhhhhh~
shitty fringe LOL
felt like a freaking walking ANG PAO
Bai nian at stanley's and yoshi's place!
fuchsia dress topshop jacket!

gamble gamble gamble at stanley's place~

while we girls raped the dslr snapshot button!

2 consecutive nights at zirca!
with jem liew zike weihao clarissa daoxiang!

the lollipop event i think!
they were doing spray on tatts for people!

a close up shot of my hairy arm LOL
was half drunk though ~.~ sorry for the lousy out of focus photo.

end the blog post with me and jem!
goodness i looked really horrible. but oh wells~
we were all surrounded by 3 couples french kissing on the dancefloor :(
awkward much. ahh~

till next time!

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