Sunday, 22 January 2012

NAFA 77D Outing + New Bag :D

 hiiiiiee there! :D
im a happy girl today!
was sleeping soundly when mummy told me that shes going to some gucci store or smthing
cause there was this sale going on
so i mumble something unintelligible just to acknowledge that i've heard her
 then she called me on the phone after what seemed like seconds later
and told me she got me something !
i was still feeling pretty groggy and all so i was like huh? what is it?
then she was like: a prada bag!
then i was like : WHAT?!?!?!??! LOL
 i've only mentioned once in passing that i like a bag from prada
shown her once, but i swearrr i never asked her to get it for me before
because i think it's not worth it and seriously overpriced
and she got me one!!
though admittedly not in the colour i wanted
but STILL! i love it! :D
i showed her the smaller version that i was aiming for cus i know very well that i won't be able to afford the larger version of the bag!
omgeee hairpee girl is me!
picture of the bag at the end of the post. [ muahaha so you have to read till the very end ]
 outing with nafa peeps!
it has been so long!!!!!!! :D

 tammy brice and guozhe!
[i realized i never take a proper picture of brice! fml :'( how can i forget?!]
 iyn huii tracy and tamz again!
 le three galz :D
 tammy and joanne!
tammy with her dipdyed limegreen hair LOL

 love her short hair though. she look so sweet!!!

 two ugly candid shots of me. oh wells ~.~

 and now for my bag!!

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