Thursday, 26 April 2012

HBD OLIVIA + Scissors cut rice + Movie


 Firstly, Happy belated birthday to olivia!! :D [25th april]
out with jem liew zike and clarissa for jian dao jian! :D
okay i might have been a little too heavy handed with the sharpening and burning -.-
sorry jem!
look very hong kong-ish for some reason.
supposed to take jem together with the background
but apparently my camera only focused on his face
okay la actually i only focused on his face, hahaha i dont like the auto focus on my camera.
  abit fail ah so got to manually blur the background myself :(
but anyway! that's liew zike and clarissa!
looking for LED lights for zike's D&T project.
before we parted!
very obvious not i take one right. jem's lousy photography skills tsk.
caught gone with jem at junction!
i think the show very scary lorh jem keep say he think he waste money and time watch a stupid lame show =.= make me feel weak and stupid only -fumes-
eat kaya toast while waiting for our movie to start! i swear i didnt blur out the image, it's all done on the camera :D
jemjem today be business man.
step cool look away only HAHA
you know i wasnt joking when i say jem got lousy photography skills okay
i took the green one he took the colourful one. 

jem keep insist he's trying to do the "mysterious" effect
full of nonsense lah!

hahaha till next time!!! i swear i will try to blog more often
i miz blogging tooz~!

okie toodies! :D
happy birthday to olivia yet again  <3

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