Thursday, 26 April 2012


Sometimes I still feel very flattered to know that there is actually people who thinks that I'm attractive. Not trying to show off or anything haha.

I mean like, it seemed only yesterday when I was back in primary school and I was being called ugly by my crush back then ...
And that I actually already accepted the fact that I'm really ugly and probably will stay this way for life (at that point of time I actually don't know what puberty is and really didnt give a fuck LOL)

I remembered how friends/guests of my mom would actually shower my friend with lots of praises, saying that she's really pretty with her dimples and big eyes while I was standing beside her looking awkward.(all my relatives are in hong kong you see)

I mean like I know I always praise myself la (hahaha self-praise is no praise) but aiya most of the time I am just probably entertaining myself or trying regain some dignity from certain insults/jibs.

It's always the unexpected compliments that actually made me the most happy. Those genuine ones. Anything from the heart is always sweet :) and I'm probably not just talking about compliments here.

Sometimes I just feel so blessed with so many awesome people in my life. Sometimes I don't even know if I even deserve them. Sometimes I just know deep down that God has placed them strategically there to protect and guide me. So blessed to have people who can see people as who they are. So blessed to have somebody who is always there for me whenever I need a ear. So blessed to be always surrounded by people who I love and also a puppy who loves me with all his furry little doggy heart just as much as I love him. <3

Okay I think I'm getting emotional here :) I just want to take a moment and think about all the great things God has put in my life. TYJ.

Till next time<3 xoxo

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