Monday, 30 April 2012


Met up with jinda ryan and their friends at cine for moooffffieeeeeee!
da guiizs wanted to eat first though
tsk! taking pictures of their food to post on instagram!
follow me on instagram by the way :D @KaylaWYL
so that's ryan trying to take photo of his Japanese curry or something.
take picture already the food will taste nicer meh?
oooo look! a ghostie!

jinda's take to try to shoot a nice picture for ryan.
dk he ask me take picture of the stupid Polaroid for what but oh well! since i'm so nice and i had nothing better to do... -shrugs-   :B
played L4D2 cause there was still quite some time before the movie started.
got owned pretty badly because they were sooo noob! HAHA
okay fine. i was the lousy one.
think the rest of the girls went off before the movie started.
i'm sorry i didnt catch their names :/
jinda la! never introduce tsk.
i think i look scary or something, why stand so far :(
ah well! ended the day pretty well

P/s Dark Flight was damn shitty, please don't waste your money!
p/s/s: Something cocked up during the show so we were given complimentary tickets!
p/s/s/s: I have two of them! Who wants to watch free movie with me? -winks-


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