Sunday, 20 May 2012

Birthday Post #3♥ Cable Cars Pretty Pictures and great birthday dinner!!

 So i woke up and i saw this placed beside my bed.
Actually i was pretty surprised, cus i was preeeeeetty sure i didn't buy anything from river island recently.

So he appeared outside my door and grabbed my birks without a word
and i was like... WAITTT let me put it in a bag or something. why take my birks!!!

and then he drove us to mount faber for dinner.... in the cable car!

Can you imagine him dangling a pair of dirty birks in his hands while dressed like that? =.=
Served us mocktail while they were preparing the cable carrrrr

Lamb shank
The view! Lovely sunset
Dessert! was quite surprised when mine came with a HBD message. hahaha okay la, was really really surprised.
sin sin sin sin
me looking like a sack of potatoes ~.~
that was the dress he picked out by the way
white wine for meeeee red wine for him!
Another pretty pictureeeeeee
one out of focus picture =.= 
so annoying !!!! >: (
We went to this bar nearby to chill awhile before heading to Sentosa!
cus sin was telling me how the view is really gorgeous when all the lights are lighted up at night
so we waited for night to fall!
Had apple crumbleeeesssss with vanilla ice-cream while waiting
head to Sentosa!
so he told me we're going over to catch the fireworks
i was pretty skeptical at first...
i mean that night was just a typical saturday night
and i was like: yah, you're going to tell me you planned the fireworks just for my birthday right.
turned out that the fireworks came from the song of the sea HAHAHA
and he was like : yupp, you can pretend i actually ask them to put them fireworks out for your birthday.

LOLOL. nonsense max
so many cocktails!
i forget the name of most of them already =.=
he wanted me to remember at least one of them so that next time if guys want to buy me drinks in clubs/pubs, at least i wont appear to be like a sua ku. LOL
snuck into the underwater world through the backdoor :/ [ it's closed already actually]
saw this huge container with many baby sharks
okay i don't know if they were baby sharks but they looked like one so imma just assumed they're sharks so that it will make my blog post sound more edgy. HAHA

So i was already feeling very jittery, having snuck into underwater world and now trying to take a picture of those baby sharks..... AND THENNNNN one of those annoying slippery god damned things took it into its pea brain that it should do a somersault in the water...

Yupp, got splashed in the face and camera with the water in the container
And me and sin hightailed out of the gate and got as far away as possible from that hateful place. HAHAHA

okay fine it was kinda fun actually.
oh, and i was so glad that i was actually wearing my birks at that point of timeeee. I wouldn't want to run in my heeeeeeeeels!  
I actually have access to the soft copy but i forget the website to the photos
and clever kayla did not note down the website somewhere because she thought she would remember.

Oh well, i have the hard copy with me!

update: so sin told me the website and here are ze photos!

alright next blog post coming up soon do check back!!!!! ^^

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