Thursday, 10 May 2012

Helipad + Fail Shopping Trip

 OOTN to heli!
no, i dont remembered what happened. no, don't ask me.
 testing out my new toyyyyy!

 blue eyes with blue top with blue tinted settings!
 that's vaney looking really cute with her pretty laptop.
was checking out the various hotel's prices for our BKK trips!
anyone interested in joining us? :) so far : me vaney darence and gabby heng!
more girls please!!!!
 my pretty darn awesome cha sobaaaa :D
 and the green tea in it's quaint little tea cup!
tried to change our skin colour to white with my s90's colour swap feature
HAHA we just looked as if we had very light foundation all over our skins
Alright im coughing out another blogpost really really soon!
till next time ! toodles <3

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