Thursday, 10 May 2012

AHBENGERS + RAMEN + Old Hong Kong Tea House

Was out with mao for Avengers :D
had our dinner first at some ramen restaurant at Parco
LOL i dont even know that place's existence, at first i thought Parco was the name of some japanese restaurant
and it was damn good omg i swearrrrrrr -nods solemnly-
this mao all the way disturbing me in the cinema 
whenever i speak he will cut in and point to some random corner and went like: YOU GO THERE STAND
fml D:
was actually quite surprised that he actually booked the tickets in advance!
and i couldnt eat anymore at that point of time yet he still got room in his tummy for popcorns. 
oh god, why!
chilled at the floating platform for awhile cause we were a tad too early to go down to katong to meet the bros!
retook this photo a couple of times because he was fussing about how the photo is crooked and stuff. -frowns- ass. :@

sorry for the pretty lousy quality images
i brought my s90 out instead because i brought a small bag!
but seriously i really can't stand how the pictures turned out zzz!
HAHAHA i need to rant.
you know right, when you take a picture with someone, you generally expected the person you're taking photo with to look into the lens and lean towards you so that everyone's face can fit into the picture rightttttt???

OMG, first he made me look stupid, cause when i was looking into the lens, he turned and moved away so i looked stupid taking photo with an empty space and half his ass.

THEN he started making funny faces and leaning away at the last second before the shutters closes so half his face were cropped out of all the pictures LOL

so i was like: eh, can you please just come closer?!
and he went like: NO because i want you to come to me.

and YUPP he moved away again LOL fml D:

went to the Old hong kong tea house to meet the bros :B
The secret behind this picture is......... Jo's gucci belt LOL.
Jo: wait wait, must show my belt

LOL feel like smacking him.

Jieloon, mao and oscar!
Brandon and jo !!! Brandon is finally back in SG from Korea :D
With the rest! okay la, i typed that because i dont know some of their names D:
From brandon :D

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