Thursday, 14 June 2012

Birthday Post #6♥ Timbre + MIB3 + Avalon +MBS

First of all, i must apologize for the difference in picture qualityyyyyyy D:
because some are from my instagram, some are taken from my camera
and some are stolen from mao's instagram and for some reason i only can take them by taking screen shots from my phone D:
bear with me okay!!!

To be honest, that day was quite a surprise for me!
because before meeting mao i have absolutely no idea where are we going, what are we doing etc etc
and i was so dressed inappropriately la!!!! 
damn lepak. LOL
and when he appeared with the bouquet and i was like...... OMG WHATTTT!?!?!?! LOLOL
okay i feel like blushing just reminiscing.
Another picture of the flowers~
i'm actually really really really really guilty 
cause there was actually a card attached to it
but i seriously have no ideaaaa cus i was still trying to take in all the stunts hahahahaha
and i think i lost the card before i could actually read it!!
omg im so damn sorry mao seriously. if you're reading this. :(
So this is my birthday gift from mao! he got me to open it up on the spot 
so at first i was quite surprised, i mean i thought usually people would want their presents to be opened up at home right???? as a form of courtesy!
so i opened it and guess what? HAHAHAHAHA
i swear i was so amused. so yeahhhhhh was busy laughing
when i heard a sound and voila! i saw yet another box in the bag!
which i swear it wasn't there awhile ago
[ i assumed he slipped it in while i was distracted]

so this is my real birthday gift from him!
LOL okay i'm still super amused hahahaha.
really full of nonsense!!
and it's so pretty !!!
thankyou !!!

hahahahahaha so i get to keep two boxes :B
after wards we head off to timbre!

i forgot to take a picture of the salmon pizza D:
but here's mao's ribs and mao's thigh meat mini burgers.

impromtu decision to catch MIB3 hahahahahaha
it was really good and really hilarious ! :B
wandered around MBS and mao has this crazy fetish for bangalas sleeping around the area LOL
so he even went ahead and slept beside them HAHAHA okay la just for the photo.
damn fussy la please, at first the photo taken abit dark after that he was fussing about how the photo can not see him. hahahahahaha
so yahhhh he made me take a picture with some guy sleeping at the mbs.
lousy photography skills la please. can not even take photos that are properly focused
oh and he has an excuse for that picture.
"the bangala too black la can not focus"

After fooling around outside MBS and watching the participants of the sundown marathon 2012 running around mbs, we head down to avalon!
so yupp, it's my first time there and omg hahaha it's 70% filled with ang mohs!
a club for the ATAS middle-ages IMO!
[fml and i was in high waist shorts and top and drmarts =.= ]

got out real quickie cus it was about to rain!
and my goodness the rain was really really hugeeeeee
got stuck shivering like crazy in mbs for a couple of hours
and i didnt know you can actually have an aerial view of the casino from some platform in mbs!

so yahhhhhh that's when i laid my eyes for the first time upon the casino in mbs!
no photography allowed but because im sucha badass blogger who love my readers so much and wana share this historical life changing moment with them .......................  
-insert lotsa self-praises- 
thats why i took the photo and posted it on my blog!

okay na just kidding. sua ku here la. D:

So after that we've decided that the rain was small enough and we should totally head home soon because i was so fucking cold and mentally drained but i was wide awake because we actually tried this shot at avalon called butterscotch or something. tasted so nice! totally don't taste like liquor la please! But it was baileys with coffee i think and my body reacts really strongly with caffeine D:

And the taxi stand's queue's CRAZYYYYYYY
and there was this mini flood going on at the taxi stand
and there was not a single taxi in sight
and the fucking  strong gale was determined to sweep me off my feet
and the rain and and and and and...... -complaints-

eventually we decided to just walk out of mbs because the rain actually stopped
[Gawd, i thought it's never gonna stop]

And guess what! the sun rose from the west that day!
okay no la. hahahaha but it's a lovely picture taken by yours truly!
eventually got into a cab and finally can snuggle into my blanky and sleep like a baby!
alright at least that's all i could remember from that day! i should stop procrastinating my blog posts. D:
 Another one coming up soon do check back lovelies♥ 

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