Monday, 18 June 2012

Malaysia with the favorite people♥

So it was the first time i'm heading to Johor with the favorite people!
was late D: im sorry!!!
[i know it says 3rd june there, sorry i took so long to update my blog D: ]
 First stop!
 Had our first meal HAHAHA
okay in my defense, there's no cheesy wedges or rice in Singapore. -defensive-
Jem's forever so sweet la.
i actually didnt want to eat cus
1) i was on a no carbs diet
2) i didn't have m'sia currency with me because i was lateeeee
3) frankly speaking i hadn't had anything since the night before [and we met at like 2pm!!]

and he was like: the rice is for you ah, i'm quite sure you haven't eat right and our next meal will be at 6pm or something

omg so damn touched seriously ;')
Girls! He's seriously a keeper. 
Interested parties please email me your resume at
-wink-  :B
 Ze sweet couplez Clarissa & LiewZike
 Le Daoxiang busy eating
 Jem!! ♥
 Next stop! okay i don't even know where is this place. Some village area with lotsaaa doggiessss♥♥♥ strays of course. D:
one day when i'm really old and retired, imma go around scouting for stray dogs and adopt them.
 So this is the seafood place we went to for our dinner!
 Eating in eating houses built on stilts !
 Tryna act as if i forced him to take that photo :@
 Look! What's that beside his mouth! HAHAHAHA
Jem got me to take this photo of him before he wiped it off. 
And i did so without dx's knowledge. HAHA
 Yummy Veggiesssss
 I shall just call them the "La La" cus i have no idea what they're called in english. D:

 Crabs do it sideways.

after all the food we headed to yet another mall.

[i apologize for the lack of information because i'm seriously really really bad with directions and i usually just block out all information regarding the place if i have my friends to bring me around D: how to pass my driving license like that?!]
 Luscious Secret Recipe cake bursting with sweet awesomeness.
so we went to shop a little
 Got these O.P.I. nail varnishes at such a low price!
Hate the blue polish though but i gotta buy in 4s and their colours were so limited T-T
Love these brown lenses though! 
Currently have them on. kinda miss my blue eyes but brown's more natural i guess :B
No picture of meee because i honestly think i look pretty shitty that day 
on a brighter note, i don't have to torture your eyes with my pointless self-absorbed photos! :D :D

alright, i dont really care actually.

okay. byeeeeeee! 
p/s: i miss jem :( it's sort of a pre-NS outing thing before he enlists. 

p/s/s: his two weeks confinement is almost over ^^

p/s/s/s: okay end of the post FOREAL♥ 

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