Sunday, 1 July 2012

NewLook mini Haul + Town; Filters

  It has been so long since we last went out!
Ultra mega fail attempt at trying to edit the photos to look lomo-ish.
i look as if i haz mono lids
 Has been quite some times since we last had the wanton mee over at cine LOL
 preeeeeetty frolicks!

Got some arm candies and a pair of new heels from new look
fml that's 7 new pair of heels this month LOL
one pair for each day of the week!

So yahhhhh i was trying to test out the filters and stuff
hmmmm you can really see what color is in the filters by looking at my hair seriously
all sort of crazy colors mixed together D:

btw as you can see, all the ash/brown has already faded off
it's back to this annoying ashy pink/blond color again
seriously pissing me off because I DONT WANT TO DYE MY HAIR BLACK
and it seems to me as though i actually dont really have any other alternatives cus all the other dyes don't seem to work on my hair :(


till next time! byeeee

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