Monday, 2 July 2012

Sloggi & Tiger Event

 Sloggi event with the girls!

Cheryl bbg!!♥

 Fiona again!

 yay ^^
Walked around H&M and picked up afew basics while waiting for some ass.
it's okay la, 2 hours only, it's really okay la. -flicks hair- D:
Chilled awhile, had BFF and Frolicks.

Downloaded afew new apps from the apps store recommended by xiaxue!
i'm pretty sure everyone has already seen the blogpost but if you haven't, here it is!

Wanted to post this up on instagram but it was down for the whole day
and by the time it was up and running again, the night has already fallen D:
Tiger event with rachel! :)

okay that's about it

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