Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sneak Peek: 17 Shots

Unedited sneak peak, credits to Michael Chua
He's soooooo damn nice gosh, i swear!
Made sure i wasnt hungry every half hour interval
Asked if i needed water every 10 minutes
and made sure that his wife attend to all my needs
seriously?!?!?! i was soooo touched lah!
These are actually just some fun shots for me to keep [that explains all the crazy poses LOL]
The actual photos are still being processed but i'm already luvving these informal shots already!

Special thanks to xavier my MUA for the lovely make up
though admittedly his style and mine was SOOOOOOO damn different
Don't judge from the 17 shots cus i've already tidy my hair and make up before taking these :B
before i let down the hundreds of bobby pins in my hair, i had this super crazy hairdo
i swear i looked like i have a bird nest on my head plus 4 huge flowers pinned to my hair
[now you see why i say that we have different style D: ]

Cant wait to see how the rest of the photos will turn out :D
Wish he didnt change the main picture into B/W though :(

okay till next time!! sorry for neglecting this space
my exams are seriously KILLING me :(


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