Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bangkok Trip #2 ♥

i know i haven't been blogging for quite some time, i was away for 4 days at bkk, back in sg for one day and flying off to australia for another 9 days D:
home sick like crazy, all i can say is that i really miss everyone and everything in sg, 
yes even the crazily hot and humid weather.

So kelvin went around to pick me and cheryl bbg to vian's place where we waited for everybody to reach and took a mini bus over to the airport
 changed my wallet into this cheapo f21 one because i was afraid i might get robbed HAHA

 vaney vaneylee! ♥

 on ze planez :B [check out my 5 min make up]
i overslept and only started preparing when kelvin told me he's at SP already. gosh -faint-
Reached BKK's airport and guess what?! 
Mr Kayla Wong?! OKAY THANKS D:
 like a Sir :B
 "wo men dao BKK le!!! :D"
 posing with the GM thingy
 first thing i see upon reaching baiyoke boutique!
 this was the cozy place where we stayed for 4 days!
 the hotel staffs were sooo nice!
fetching us through and fro every day on this car thingy so that we don't have to walk a very long distance out of the area esp when it was the rainy season in bangkok!

 camwhore with the mirrors in the lobby heeee

 head down to baku with vernis!!

 vernis and her boyfriend!
The cute thai vocalist and vernis's boyfriend as the bassist!

 OOTD for day two!
 driving us out to platinum mall!
 Traffic in bangkok
 Platinum mall!
the people here pronounce platinum as "plat-tu-numb"
quite cool actually. hahaha
Thai food for lunch.
it was so damn spicy, i actually felt my ass burning the next morning D:
but it was worth it cus it was so delicious ! :D
 pink cabbbbieeee
 head over to union mall on one of the days with vernis
Thank God for vernis because she can speak fluent thai and we actually got our stuff cheaper
[those thai peeps will often jack up the price just because they know we're tourist and cant speak thai for nuts :@]
 met up with vernis's boyfriend and he drove us to this place for mookata!!!!!!
 that was one super delightful dinner though this mookata has no soup D:
 head over to scratch dog at night!

 all the girls!!

Went to union mall again to spend our last bucks and also we had our last dinner in bkk at chinatown!
 on mini bus to bkk airport D:

 ate some egg thingy in the airport before we board the flight!
 tried to take a picture of the scenery outside, failed so badly that i ended up camwhoring HAHA

 does this picture reminds anyone of the dude from gangnum style? :B

 kelvin nick and bala!

 with ming de!

and that's SG! :D

alright stay tune because i have two blogposts to cough up! ^^

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