Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ice-Skating + Ted

So i went ice-skating with rictus the other day
which i found out not too long later in my dismay, that it was just his way to show off his skills on the ring
[he's a national ice hockey player]
so obviously i just look like an idiot who were trying not to fall whereas he just went ahead zoom zoom zoom zoom and swerving and scaring the other idiots like me who were trying to get out of the way of those pro skaters. LOL
okay la to be fair, he wasn't as mean as i've described but almost there la. :@
That was when i've decided to spend my time sitting on the bench and camwhore because ice skating is sooo tiring!!
Can you believe it, i was sweating when i was skating on the ring! Ridiculous~!

 look at the penguin thingy for beginners!!
HAHAHA damn cute i swear.
 and again!
Then we headed down to town for a movie,
caught Ted and it was pretty awesome!
love the thunder song. ^^

Taken on Ryan's 18th hahahaha i wish i brought my camera along that day
it was one epic day too.

oh well! Next up: blogpost on my australia trip! stay tuneddddd!!!

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