Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Twelve Cupcakes from BFF Jinda♥♥♥

So we actually met to mug today
and previously we were talking about cupcakes
afew days ago

so he was saying how he bought cupcakes for his gf and she didnt appreciate it then i told him: you know, i like red velvet cupcakes, the ones from twelve cupcakes. Why we friends so long you never buy a single one for me before?

He went like: i'll not only buy you one, i'll buy you three!!!!!!!!!

so fast forward to today,
he was late >:( i had to wait for him outside OC like an idiot
and then he came alone holding the box
i was like OMG he bought 6?!

i'm really super touched actually
but i refused to show that i was
Jinda if you're reading this,
yes thank you so much for the cupcakes, i really like them :B

i'm having my MSTs now, so i'll probably mia from the cyber world for a little while
i'll be back on the 7th!

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