Thursday, 27 June 2013

Casa De Nails


I am well well well aware that i've not been blogging for a long time
I really really really from the bottom of my heart appreciate you guys who still check back some times
to see if i've updated this humble space of mine.

So here i am! Doing up a short post for all of you! ^^
Did my nails today at Casa De Nails.
Really really pretty it's cute, sweet and girly but not too much of each.
Which suits me perfectly because i do like cute and girly stuff but I am not a girly girl type of person after all

Service was great over at Casa De Nails. 
The manicurist cut my cuticles and OMG 
I have no idea that i had accumulated so much dead skin around my nails.

So pridddyyyyy! Added the dreamy filters to make them even more fairytale-like hahahahahaha

Ended my manicure session with a good arm and fingers massage by the manicurist.
Great service great design and best of all it's super affordable.
Call 96403303 now to make appointment!
only $45 for gelish nails with designs of your choice.

[It's best to have an idea of what you wna do so you do not waste time like i did, trying to figure out what i want on my nails]

FYI gelish nails can last atleast 3 weeks without chipping and still stay pretty and shiny
Though the same can not be said for the acrylic ribbon and the pearls heh.

No i'm not paid to blog about this. 
Really reccommand the place if you're looking for cheap and good manicure X pedicure ^^ 

for more pricing info and photos

Casa Clementi Block 425
Clementi Ave 1
Singapore 120425

Anyway i've replaced the formspring column on the right to 
You can now follow me there and ask me questions from my blog!

tata. till next time

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