Monday, 13 January 2014

MBS x Wheeler's Yard

Hey everybody, how is everyone doing? I have been doing pretty well these days. As much as I like my workplace and my job, I'm still glad that my internship is finally coming to an end and freedom is finally within my reach.

My cousin came visiting recently. He was originally from Hong Kong but he was the first brave soul (hahaha) amongst the 5 of us to fly off to a foreign country to study and take his degree. Since he needed to come to Asia for some business matters, he decided to visit me and my mom here in Singapore. 

First Stop: High Society // Marina Bay Sands 
We were craving for some sweet treats when we saw the cupcakes on display in High Society so we decided that we should have some coffee and cupcakes before exploring MBS.

We were shown to our seats and was served our drinks. Both of us were sooo amused by the name of this particular cupcake. It was called "Maybe Amor" which we thought at first, it was a reference to the caucasians. Like you know, "Ang Mohs".

So naturally, that led on to a few racist jokes/speculations about how the owner of High Society probably has a sense of humour or maybe that he's being racist.

But it turned out that "Amor" stands for love in spanish. So technically speaking, the cupcake was named "Maybe Love" together with the other cupcakes that were named "Lust" and "Flirty"

-face palm-

Red velvet cuppy cakeyy.

Had lunch at ding tai feng (was too hungry to take pictures) We ended up ordering too much food and over stuffing ourselves. I felt too fat to move even, so I thought we should stop walking around and find another nice cafe to chill.

And we ended up at the Wheeler's Yard! Usually I would not have chosen to come to this particular cafe. It is so out of the way and so super inaccessible. However moma wong gave me the car keys for the few days my cousin is in Singapore. With a car, every where is accessible now!

 It was a pretty place, like something out of a post card. It felt really cosy and the cafe was run by people of/around my age. *twinge of envy* I think it was really creative of them to use a warehouse and turn it into a cafe, at the same time, make it look as if they actually planned their cafe to look like the interior of an old, abandoned warehouse.

I like how they can cut cost by using these cheap old school biscuits to go along with the coffee. It goes very well with the whole concept of the cafe too. Kudos to them!

Headed back home after that. Day well spent with my cousin. Haven't seen him for years ever since he decided to fly to Australia to study. Everytime I go back to Hong Kong he would be in Australia. I'm glad he came visiting and he has also taught me a lot about his experience over at Aussie.

Anyway I shall end my entry here. Till next time!

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