Saturday, 11 January 2014

Redken x Kenaris Salon hairshow behind the scenes

Day 1 at Kenaris

 Last picture taken with my healthy black hair

After 1 round of bleaching

After 1 round of toning on top of the bleaching. 
Total hours at salon on day one:  5 hours

 Miley Cyrus bahahahaha

Day 2 at Kenaris

Dark copper red for fringe
Instantly transforms into le wheelock ah lian
 copper red for the rest of the hairrrrr
 After toning on top of dyeing the fringe and hair
Total hours in Kenaris for day two: 6.5 hours

Day Three at Kenaris x Actual Event 

Hair stylist and meeee

Hair was cut shorter
Highlights on the entire head
Styling and curling
Make-up done
Attire checked

Total number of hours spent in salon on day three: 8 hours

Total hours spent in Kenaris: 19.5

My goodness.

More photos coming up soon! :3

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