Saturday, 11 January 2014

X'mas Cuppy Cakes

How was your Christmas?
So I spent the eve of Christmas eve baking cupcakes for my fellow colleagues.
Many thanks to Vaney for opening her house out to us to bake the cupcakes

Mixing all the ingredients together.

 Putting them into little cups

 Vivi beating up another bowl of honey flavoured cupcake mix

Fresh out of the oven

Everything goes well with nutella!

So what happened was, I had to tip-toe, stretched both my arms out against the kitchen cupboard above me to take this picture. Everyone found it really amusing, apparently, to see me in that awkward position - all for the sake of an instagram worthy picture.

Though admitedly this is probably a more instagram-worthy picture. Heh.

 Le cupcakes just chilling in le cake tin before icing.

Separating the mix into different bowls and colours to make rainbow cupcakes

Seww pridddyyyy

They looked and tasted so damn good. No joke.

Artsy-fartsy Kayla

 me and w-forweiweian hahahahaha

Le rainbow cupcake fresh out of the oven


I had really really little make-up on that day :( smacked some concealer and i think i rubbed off half of my eyebrows. :( No judging k!

 Yummy Fatty Goodness

 Made little notes to be stuck into the cuppy cakes

 tata :3



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