Friday, 24 October 2014

Atticus Finch Aviators

Rocking my Atticus Finch Polarized Aviators from Face x Value today!

Atticus Finch is a luxury eyewear brand flown in from Los Angeles. The aviators exhibit distinctive stainless steel alloy frames that features a dark red dual tone lenses which are fully polarised. Besides being really stylist, it has 100% UV protection too! (Really good for protecting our eyes from all the nasty things the sun can do to us) The full polarisation provides reduction of glare and reflected light, allowing it to be worn with comfort, both on land and out at sea, during sunny days!

Atticus eyewear are usually priced at SGD$159 but you can now get them at SGD$40 (75%off!) on Face x Value and The Tiny Island Emporium

On top of that, quote KAYLA10 and you get an additional 10% off. That's a whooping 85% off a pair of really well-crafted high quality aviators!

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