Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Series

Hello lovelies<3
Today's review is a product that I personally am really excited about and I just can't wait to share them with you!!!! As the title suggested, it's the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Series. 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream and Bio-Essences 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water. 

Do you know in the early ancient Egypt, famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra wears a gold mask every night to keep her skin flawless, radian and smooth? Gold has always been revered for its value, beauty and health promoting properties ever since ancient times.
As an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, it releases its active gold ions that are rich in trace minerals and in turn, promotes blood and oxygen circulation. It also has high anti-oxidant power thus protects skin from harmful free radicals and helps defy signs of ageing such as dry and dull skin, wrinkles etc.


1) Gold draws out toxins and impurities out of your skin making you look more youthful and radiant.

2) Gold improves your skin's metabolism due to good circulation thus stimulates the production of collagen and elastin present in skin, increases skin’s collagen fibers and keeps skin firm and youthful.

3) Gold has high anti-oxidant power, it prevents or slow cell-damage, decreases inflammation

Are you convinced now?


Gold flaks facial treatments are only available in a few countries and it costs a whooping $360! Who has the money to afford that kind of luxury?

And that is why I'm so excited to talk about Bio-essence's 24K Bio-Gold Series.

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water
Essence as Light as Water
Intensive Nourishment & Treatment Power of Essence + Lightweight Texture Of Water
For only $45 (8 times cheaper than your 1 time gold flakes facial hmph!) you can now enjoy a luxury that was once only for the royalty.

I use this after a cleanser and a toner twice a day and this is now an additional to my daily essentials together with the Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream (more to that later). I am always so amazed with how the flakes just disappear completely into my skin without a trace leaving it soft and smooth without any stickiness!
First you put a suitable amount and then you pat them gently until it's completely gone.
Look it just disappear!!!! 

Do you know? Gold is actually the softest and most malleable of metals and thus making it easily absorbed into the skin!

This particular bottle of yummy skin goodness is so rich with golds. (geddit?geddit? hehe) It contains 98% of high purity gold flakes. It has a moisturising essence-like texture BUT BUT it's super lightweight like water! It also strengthens skin’s defense system thus prevents and slows down skin ageing for a flawless youthful skin.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream

This, ladies and gentlemen, is happiness condensed. It's a combination of a day cream and night cream all in one! Dual decadence with Gold and Platinum with 2X Anti-Oxidants.

With high purity of 99.95%, the Nano Bio-Platinum protects your skin in the day!

The day  cream is the one with a creamier texture and appearance whereas the night cream is the more transparant/gel-like texture.

Nano technology is nothing new in the skincare industry, it promotes skin penetration and all that yummy goodness goes straight into your skin and makes your skin happy and youthful :D
With the 2x anti-oxidant power, it protects your skin, defy signs of ageing and revitalise your skin cells! 

24K Bio-Gold

Can you see the flakes of gold in the cream? I just simply love the Bio-essence gold series because you can actually see the magic happening right before your eyes! The texture is more gel-like and it doesn't feel sticky or heavy on my skin unlike many night cream. Infused with Bio-Energy Fluid, 24K Bio-Gold can be absorbed faster and deeper into skin to provide skin with energy and nourishments to revitalize skin cells. Paired together with the Gold Water and the Gold x Platinum cream, my skin is definitely up for a treat!

24K Gold and Platinum are powerful anti-oxidants. The combination forms a 2x protection over skin to fight free radicals, slowing down visible signs of ageing. With a glowing luster, they also provide skin with a natural sheen to keep it radiant from within

So, how do I use my current new skin-care staples in my everyday skincare regime?

In the Day:  Use 24K Bio-Gold Water first then followed by Bio-Platinum Day Cream SPF25 PA+++
In the Night: Use 24K Bio-Gold Water first then followed by 24K Bio-Gold Night Cream

Don't forget to rub them on to your neck! They also reveals signs of ageing! D:

It's never too early to start on anti-ageing. Get your bottle now from the following places! Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, NTUC Fairprice, C K Department Store, OG, Sheng Siong, BHG, SASA and selected mini cosmetic houses.


Jessica said...

why do u have makeup on for skincare review? :S

Natasha said...

Exactly! Why can't you just do the demo without thick foundation you have on your face?

Unknown said...

I was eager to read your review but gold is not the softest metals... I was let down when I saw tht.