Friday, 9 January 2015

Y Sport by Dakota Smith (Freebies Involved!!!)


So i'm back here in Newcastle again after 3 weeks in Singapore. Miss everyone so so much but I had to keep my visit a secret because exams and submissions are just around the corner right after my short (though needed) vacation.

So many people I've not managed to meet and have a proper meal with -sad- and my fellow ex-VPGs (hehehe) whom i've only managed to briefly talked to during Michelle's UOL pageant -sad x2-

ANYWAY. I'm back to talk about my new glasses! I'm so in love with them. God knows how horrible my old glasses fitted me. Shi Da has always been laughing at how they looked too big for my face bcus they're always sliding down my nose. Then i'll respond by pushing them back up indignantly...

...only to have them falling right back to the tip of my nose again (and Shi Da to laugh harder-_-)

Yes, I am fully aware of all the fluff on my spag. Stop being a hater >:( hehehe I keedzxc

Dakota Smith is an American brand and this is their military inspired Y sport collection! I personally don't really dig the military-themed apparels but I really love this pair of frames! It is edgy --- design features an interplay of military camouflages and kaleidoscope of colours---, very comfortable and of really good quality.

(Hey hey I'm not just saying it okay, this is hands-down one of the highest quality frames I've ever worn. Especially when my previous pair costed only 60 bucks because I had to pay for them with my own hard-earned money)

I do not usually wear round frames because I've always been conscious about my defined (kinda) jawline and face structure. However, I picked this pair because 1) I don't usually head out with my glasses so if it turns out I look terrifying in them, I don't have to make everyone around me suffer. 2) They look really pretty!! 3) Shut my boyfriend up once and for all -hmph- just kidding heheh I needed a new pair cuz new prescription.


Freebies you seyyyyy???
P/s: By the way, can you see how well they fit me?!?! <3 
Much better than my previous pair for sure!

Every piece in this collection is accompanied with:
1. Dry Tube Camo Bag (10 litres)
2. Adjustable Strap with Hooks
3. Microfiber Cloth
4. Glasses Pouch
5. Glasses Box

Seriously, I didn't even know about all the freebies when I was choosing the frames! Happy Kayla is happy :D. You can get these pair of frames from both The Tiny Island Emporium and at FacexValue <---Click Click!

Remember to quote KAYLA10 for 10% off^^

Images credit to Beverlyville
Because stupid me left everything in Singapore by accident >:(

till next time 

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