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Sample Store's First Ever Editor's Party - What's in my Goodie Bag?

**Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, although all products were sponsored, the reviews were my own personal opinion. Product information can be found on the web
So a while ago I attended Sample Store's first ever Beauty Editors Party over at Full of Crab where we had a yummy meal of crabs and calamaris with yummy dips and sauces.

I also got myself a hard copy of the picture above printed by FOMO Digital, Singapore's Best Photo Booth Service. It  is now a lovely addition to my wall of polaroids above my bed. :3

Whaddupppp! Put your hands up like you just don't care!

I was really glad to have attended the party as almost exactly one year ago today, I signed the contract with Sample Store for the very first time as their Editor. It was a pretty symbolic event to me.

Since then, I've received so much love from them through the mailbox with new samples and even full size products for me to try and use. I am most thankful for all of the opportunities that they have given to me.


Since it was Sample Store's first ever Editor's Party, the sponsors has been reallyyyy generous with the stuff they put in my goodie bag. On top of that, I actually managed to win the first prize at the lucky draw. Happy Kayla was really happy when I lug all my goodies home that day.

Products I got from the lucky draw! 

First up, I got BioNike - Defence Hydra5 Radiance and Defence Hydra Rich Moisturising Cream.

It is an illuminating moisturising cream for sensitive and intolerant skin. The special blend of ingredients including 5 active hyaluronic acid forms and an anti-oxidant photo-complex that moisturises, strengthens, energises and protects the skin from free radical damage which is always good in preventing signs of premature aging. With soft focus powder, it enhances face radiance thus ideal as a make-up base.

My goodie bag also contained another base by BioNike as well as their UV Sunscreen which I will use and review on it soon as I am currently using Creme Simon's Sunscreen (Review of it very soon)

Next to it is Tsubaki - Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

Shiseido is a world renown Japanese high end cosmetics and skincare brand with many sub branches under them to cater to everybody. Tsubaki is one of the higher end products with different product lines. Extra Moist (Red), Damage Care(White), Volume Touch(Purple) and Head Spa(Golden).

The shampoo and conditioner smells really good and worked really well. As my hair conditions is already pretty moist, it acted as a really good shampoo to maintain the moisture in my hair.

However, I would like to rave about the TsubakiHead Spa Sparkling Serum.

It's a scalp treatment in a form of a bubbling spray. Texture felt like mousse however theres this very pleasant mentoll-ey minty feel and for people with dry and damaged scalps like me (after bleaching my hair for 5 times and also lets not mention all the chemicals I put my scalps through). I really was able to see an improvement with my scalp health.

The Tsubaki Range - Fun fact, it is also silicon free!

Aqualabel is yet another range by Shiseido. I've brought these range to Bali with me as they came in the perfect for travel. For people like me who still has pretty youthful skin, it is always important to keep them moisturised. Not only is it much easier to apply make up on moist skin, it is also essential to maintaining the youthful conditions of our skins.

I first wipe off my make up with Senka - Perfect Puff make up removal wipes and then washed my face with Aqualabel - Milky mousse foam. Senka's Mousse Cleanser was above 150ml thus I wasn't able to bring it up the plane with me to Bali. However, I am planning to bring it to UK with me when I have check in luggages to act as my cleanser for my next academic year.

I then piled on the Aqualabel - Moisture Lotion, Moisture Emulsion and Essential Gel Cream after removing and cleansing my face!

What I liked about Senka - Speedy Perfect Whip is the fact that it comes in a pump and when you pump the product in your hand, it comes up as a whipped creamy foamy texture which can be applied directly on your face without first rubbing your palms together to make the product foam.

Senka - Perfect Puff make up wipes has really thick cushion when I first used them in Bali and i'm looking forward to fully utilise them when I am on the plane to Newcastle. (I usually only use make up wipes when I'm on the go, else I'll stick to my cleansers and make up removal water!)

Ma Cherie is yet another sub branch by Shiseido. I did a tutorial years ago using their products when they first launch in Singapore and as a token of appreciation, the lovely people from Ma Cherie gave me a set of their full size products to use. I've always loved the scent and had also repurchased their Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance twice because I was totally in love with how my hair smells after spraying on the product!

In my goodie bag, I received 2 rinsed out hair treatments, Ma Cherie - Air Feel Treatment and Moisture Treatment, as well as the Ma CheriePerfect Shower Mist. As I already have a pretty undamaged hair, I used the Perfect Shower Mist as hair fragrance rather than to smoothen out all the frizzy hair and split ends.

Back when my hair was so darn short... Oh lord, what was I thinking......

From ZA, I received the Killer Volume Curl Mascara as well as True White Perfect Protector and Power Block UV.

I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you that I've yet to used either of the products as I have yet to finish my current bottle of sunblock (as mentioned) as well as my mascara which I've only recently purchased before attending the Sample Store's Editor's Party (Dang it!! Could have saved some money!)

However, the True White series has UV cut off of 99% on top of other features such as being SPF50+ PA ++++, oil control, anti pollutant, illuminating effects. ZA - True White Perfect Protector is for the face whereas the ZA - True White Power Block UV is for the body. Formula is water resistant on top of being hydrating.

One can never talk about mascara without talking about it's fellow eye makeup counterpart, the eye liner!

Majolica Majorca - Perfect Automatic Liner comes in the perfect jet black with a very precise tip and knob at the back for you to control the flow of the liner. This is the second time I am using this eye liner again and I already know that I'll be very pleased with it. Again, as I have yet to empty up my current eye liner, it is therefore still in it's original packaging. 

The only comment I have for this eye-liner is that it can sometimes be a little diluted when you forget to shake well before use. However, it is very lasting and the ease of lining my eyes kinda outweigh what can be fixed with a good, hard, shake before use!

Sampar - Skin Quenching Mist is a great addition to my collection. I've been addicted to facial mist lately as a toner and this is the perfect product for me. I bring it about in my bag so that I can sprint some on my face whenever I'm out (and whenever I remember to) especially in a country like Singapore. This is also one of the products that I'll be bringing to UK with me as I foresee my skin drying up like crazy as a reaction to the difference in atmosphere. 

Here's a big shoutout to Sample Store for bringing so many good to my life as well as great brands for all their consumers and editors alike. They are responsible and passionate about what they do. Not only that, they are ethical and good at what they do.

I may be bias in the above statement but this is truly how I feel. More reviews coming up including my recent Bali staycation over at Hard Rock Hotel Bali courtesy of Sample Store.

Stay tune for more exciting reviews.

Kayla Wong

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