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Hard Rock Hotel Bali Review


Some of you may know, I recently just came back from Bali after a 3 days 2 nights short vacation over at Asia's first Hard Rock Hotel, The Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Nestled against the shores of Bali's famed Kuta Beach on a three-hectare prime site right in the heart of Bali's entertainment and shopping district, Hard Rock Hotel Bali features 418 tribute rooms and suites fit for a rock star. Its themed concept is apparent on the walls of the hotel everywhere, which are adorned with images, memorabilia and icons reflecting the revolution that changed the face of music, fashion and the arts, celebrating artistes from the 50’s to late 90’s. 

More about it later :D
Mandatory shot at the airport before we go

Fluffy clean sheets greeted us the moment we stepped into the room :3
The view from my room! This is the "chill out pool", on the other side of Hard Rock Hotel Bali, there's a massive pool with sand islands, swim up bar, slides, water park, spa pools etc. (More on this later)

After the very warm welcome, we set out to find some balinese food to fill our tummy. Along the way we saw the bali equivalent of a trishaw except it's powered by horses!
Selfies while waiting for our food
Love my CHESS series Frosted White Angular Polyflex shades with blue mirror lenses from @thetinyislandemporium and @facexvalue tho :3 Check them out on Instagram.

Hi pridddy gurlllll

After filling up our tummy we decided check out Kuta beach (Worst decision ever, every photo taken requires sucking in D:). The beach was aaaaamazingggggg! Water is so clear and despite walking for quite awhile into the ocean, the tides were only waist deep.

BRING ME BACK NOWWWWWWWW. It was also the best spot to look at the most beautiful sunset ever, we managed to catch bits of it before we decided to go back to the hotel and explore the pools since we were already damp from playing around in the water.

The first thing I saw was the water slides :D How often do you see water slides in a hotel pool??? Hard Rock Hotel Bali has 5! We went to dip in the spa pool for a bit however, after awhile the sun set and it got a little too cold so we decided to come back again the next day.

Went back to the hotel and we bumped into the housekeeping guy. He was soo polite! Asked us about our day and also informing us about the 2 chocolates he left on our bed. SO SWEEEEEET. Just want to mention how impressed I was with the level of service, all the staffs were sooo polite and smiley all the time.

After washing up, we went down to have our dinner over at Splash Bistro, a restaurant beside the pool. It has table service instead of a buffet style like Starz Diner (where you go for your breakfast every morning, more to this later). The food was soooooooo good. Not even exaggerating.

I had escargot as my starters. Forced Sandy to eat some because it was sooooo juicy. Buttery goodness with cheese coupled with a lovely view of the pool.

This is the face of a very satisfied customer :3 

On top of the Splash Bistro, Hard Rock Hotel Bali also have a bar x live band venue called the Centerstage (as shown above), Starz Diner (buffet style restaurant), Chill Out Bar and Hard Rock Cafe Bali.

After stuffing our face with all the yummy yummy food courtesy of the hotel, we decided to head out to laze around with a few exotic drinks.


All the cocktails has very interesting names. I had one that was called bobobobo. How cute! There are also non alcoholic mocktail available for people who just want to enjoy the general experience of chilling right beside the coast line.

Day Two!

Nothing like a good long stretch to start my day.....

...and then i'll go to my default position every morning for like the next 30 minutes before I'm willing to get out of bed and start washing up and head over to Starz Diner for breakfast :3

Lunch over at Splash Bistro again. Was greeted very warmly by my waiter who was called "Good Day" hahahahaha I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THAT IS NOT HIS REAL NAME. Great conversation starter though, I must say!

A picture of the view from Splash Bistro. If this is not a picture of a paradise, I really don't know what is.

I had some balinese style stew pork which was the special for the day, Sandy chose a plate of fish and chips and we shared a Rock Tower as well as the salad as the starters. Cleared our palates after the yummy meal with a tall glass of sex on the beach. :3

After the very hearty lunch, we decided to head over to the cabana to chill and people watch.

The view from my sun bed in the cabana. You can see the Splash Bistro from here! THE POOL THOUGHHHH

Very Instagram worthy indeed.

Matchy stripy top x matchy stripy curtains

After awhile we decided to go and play in the pool while the sun is high and the place is warm. With 5 waterslides that flank the steps, it totally summoned the inner child in both me and Sandy. I probably went down the slide at least a million times that day :3


We also went to borrow a volleyball from the hotel to play on the sand island. Fancy that! The hotel even provides Volleyballs!

After a tiring day of playing in the pool, we went back to wash up and have our dinner over at Jamie's Italian, an extension of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali.

I picked the Crispy Porcini Mushroom Aracini as my starters...

Matchy pose, just because we can:3

Day 3

Paint me like one of your french galzxc :3

We had a really lazy morning, only getting up to pack our luggage and grab a quick bite before heading down to the Rock Spa for some full body balinese massage. I'm gonna be really bold and say it's hands down one of the best massage ever. Despite only waking up not too long ago, I fell asleep in the massage parlour. It executed with aromatic massage oil and warm stones. If I can only pick something from this trip to do for the rest of my life, I WOULD PICK THE BALINESE MASSAGE OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

With Hard Rock's signature of limitless energy, unparalleled creativity and quality service, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is the place for to rekindle the atmosphere of the past 40 years of rock and roll culture.

From Rockin’ Tots to Grunge Grand Dads, the hotel was built to rock your socks off!

Hard Rock Hotel Bali is where you don’t have to be a real star to be treated like one. It is all about the experience :3

The different types of rooms available in Hard Rock Hotel includes:
Deluxe Room, Deluxe Courtyard, Deluxe Premium Room, Deluxe Premium Courtyard, Deluxe Premium Pool Access, Loft Room, Deluxe Suite, Deluxe Suite Pool Access, Kids Suite, Luxury Suite, Luxury Kids Suite, The King Suite

Some existing amenities available are the Lil’ Rock Kids Club, Tabu Teens Club, Chill Out Pool, Ultimate Foam Party, Boom Box Recording Studio, Rock Spa, Body Rock, Rock Royalty Level, Rock Shop and In-Room Music Program (Mix, Picks and Tracks)

There are often special events organised by the hotel as well! Some of the ones coming up are the Annual event Pinktober Campaign (Hard Rock International Global Campaign, every October, to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer), Imagine Campaign (Hard Rock International Global Campaign, to support needy children), Rock ‘N Run Charity 5k Run (This year is the 15th Chapter and will be held on 1st November), Let’s Dance, Dance Competition (Will be held on 16th of August) and charity concerts (TBA)

Situated right at the heart of Bali, some places of attractions in the vicinity of the hotel includes Kuta Square Shopping Mall, Beachwalk Shopping Mall, Kuta Art Market

Some upcoming promotions or events includes; Let’s Dance, Dance Competition, Rhythm & Booze night every Monday (Live band and DJ), Girls Just Wanna Have Fun every Wednesday night (Fashion Show, Live Band, Live DJ, Burlesque Show in August), Rock ‘N Run Charity 5k run (1st November), Pinktober month (October), Imagine (November – December)

If you want to win a staycation fit for a star, you're in for a treat! There are 3 sets of 3D2N Hard Rock Pattaya Staycations, 3 sets of 3D2N Hard Rock Penang Staycations and 1 set of 3D2N Hard Rock Bali Staycation worth $300USD each! Read on to find out how.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya:
Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand sits Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, located just off Pattaya Beach Road. A mere 90 min drive from Bangkok, the hotel boasts a little of something for everyone whether you're there for work or just a good time. With the addition of the new amenities, restaurants, bars and services, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is definitely a must-see destination in Pattaya that is unique and distinctly different from the rest!
 All rooms sport an updated aesthetic. There are 323 guest rooms; headline Rock Star Suites, Kids' Suites, Deluxe rooms and luxurious suites for Composers and Executives. Rooms are overlooking either the hotel's giant free-foam pool, sea, garden or the city.
There are many other amenities and services not limited to but including:

Sound of Your Stay, which is a three component amenity program entered around music in order for guests to have an authentic rocking experience.
1) PICKS - 20 different awesome Fender guitars and basses, packaged with Mustang floor amps and Soul by Ludacris or NIXON headphones
2) TRACKS - download one of fifteen-song playlists from iTunes
3) MIX - fine tune your DJ skills with a Traktor Z1 Controller, iPad and headphones.

Other amenities are as followed: Swimming Pool, Pool Party, Cabanas, Rock Spa, Body Rock, Lil'Rock and Tabu,

Hard Rock Hotel Penang:

 Located at the famous Batu Ferringhi Beach in Penang, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is a trendy hotel that sets itself apart from conventional beach resort by blending rich music culture, contemporary signs and family friendly facilities. Being one of the most sought after vacations in Penang, Hard Rock Hotel Penang  define modern and style beach resorts with all the unexpected attributes for every guests by giving an experience of an over the top lifestyle.
 Rockin' Rooms
The 6-story hotel boasts 250 rocking' rooms and suites, most of which feature beach frontage. The modern structure is completed with tastefully furnished bedrooms such as sensual guest bathrooms Sleep Like a Rock (branded bedding) and modern in-room amenities. All rooms are fully equipped with DVD/CD players, minimum 32-inch LCD/LED screen TVs, iPod docking stations, complimentary Wi-Fi and an interactive IPTV system which offers complimentary blockbuster movies on demand. Some popular rooms are the Seaview Deluxe, Lagoon Deluxe and Roxity Kids Suites.
 Some other amenities in Hard Rock Hotel Penang includes Body Rock Gym for the fitness junkies, Roxity Kids Club - hourly fun activities everyday for the kids, Tabu Teens Club - pool tables, mini theatres. football tables, computers, game consoles etc, and last but definitely not the least, a spectacular 26, 000 sq feet free-form swimming pool - the largest swimming pool in Penang.

All you have to do to participate in the lucky draw is;

1) Download the Sample Store mobile app that is available on both Apple and Android. (or via this link at

2) Make any checkout using the app during the lucky draw period of 5th to 11th October 2015

3) And voila! Thats all you need to do!

Good luck everybody, it is really an amazing experience and I would like to thank Sample Store as well as Hard Rock Bali for giving me this opportunity.

Till next time. xx

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