Thursday, 8 October 2015

Review: Sephora Sleeping Mask


Guess what came in the mail today! 

If you've been following me on my various social media, you'd know that I've flown back to Newcastle one week ago for my final year of school but that doesn't stop the lovely people from Sample Store (and le daddy) from sending goodies to me from Singapore :D 

Yay! New Sephora's Sleeping Mask!

As you may have guessed(or read the blog title), today's review is on Sephora's New Sleeping Masks :3. Sephora will be launching a collection of single-dose sleeping masks that are easy to apply and perfect for life on the go. There are ten different cute little masks to choose from based on your skin's condition; all in a grease free gel-base formula that soothes and refreshes the skin!

I received Sephora's Sleeping Masks in full-sized 80ml jars (Lotus, Pomegranate, Rose) and 8ml single dose capsules (Marine Algae and Orchid). These are the ones that Sample Store will be bringing in. (HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET? IF YOU'VE NOT, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!)

 Do you know; Your skin can actually lose a lot of moisture while you sleep. According to Doris Day, a dermatologist in New York City, the purpose of using overnight masks is to create a permeable seal on top of your skin that makes anything underneath it penetrate better.

Also, sleeping masks is usually lighter than your night creams so they don't make a mess on our pillows when we sleep at night.

 They come in tiny 8ml one-time use capsules like this for easy and clean application. A sleeping mask is an essential Korean beauty ritual. Many k-pop stars swear by this (and also many other beauty rituals but that's not the point of this blogpost) because it is actually so much better than wearing just a normal sheet mask (not that sheet masks are not good, I still diligently apply them a few times a week) but because on top of hydrating your skin, it helps to lock in and enhance the power of your usual skincare regimen.

First up, we have here Sephora Marine Algae Sleeping Mask. Everybody knows how algae does amazing things to your skin and without saying, this deep hydration sleeping mask really helped me combat the cold and dry weather here in Newcastle.

It is simple and quick to use, just apply the product evenly over clean, dry skin, including the face, the neck, and around the eyes, let it work overnight and if necessary, rinse off any excess in the morning.

The Sephora Orchid Sleeping Mask helps with Anti-aging, Youth-activating & Regenerating. I have mentioned plenty times on my blog posts and social media that I have already started using anti-aging skincare. It is often a misconception that only old people with older skin requires anti-aging formula. WRONGGGG so wrongggg. You need to start early as prevention is always better than cure. Once your wrinkles start appearing, it is very difficult to make them go away!

The above is Sephora's Pomegranate sleeping mask. The mask is a bright red-coloured gel that is mildly scented which I really like. Even though I am a fool for nice smelling things, I still prefer lightly scented to scent-free products for my face. It gives a slightly cooling sensation when applied and skin feels really smooth afterwards. The Pomegranate sleeping mask helps with energising your skin and contains antioxidants which is always good for your skin.

Next up, the Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask. It has similar gel liked consistency and it's in a bright pink colour. This one here helps with hydrating and soothing. Feels pretty similar to the Pomegranate one as it has the same gel-like consistency but it's exactly how I like my creams to be. Light weight, absorbent and good!

Over here, I am holding on to Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask. I like this scent the most out of all and makes sleeping a little easier (or happier :D). This one helps with moisturising, brightening and calming. 

All of these masks are also available in fiber sheet masks for the face and the eyes!

Avocado (Nourishing for softer skin) 
Marine Algae (Deep hydration) 
Pearl (Brightening)
Job's Tears (Radiance and Lightening) 
Lotus (Soothing)
Ginseng (Toning, firming and supple skin) 
Pomegranate (Anti-Aging and energizes skin) 
Rose (Moisturizing, Brightening and Calming) 
Green Tea (Mattifying, oil-control and refreshes skin) 
Orchid (Anti- aging, Youth-activating & Regenerating)

Sephora Sleeping Mask: 80ml SGD20 / 8ml SGD4
Sephora Eye Mask: 5piece set SGD12 / single sheet SGD3
Sephora Face Mask: 5piece set SGD16 / single sheet SGD4

The Sephora Sleeping masks were launched on 1 Oct across all Sephora Singapore stores. 5 above mentioned flavours will be available out of the 10 over at

What are you waiting for? Go redeem your 8ml single dose capsules now!



James said...

Great post! This is wonderful news for me because I will give a gift for my hubby on this new year. I really need this one, That is an amazing price.

OhKeai Shop said...

Thank you for the detailed review. I'd probably buy some this weekend to test.