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Crème Simon Review - Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist + Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50

Hi ya! How is everyone doing! It has been a crazy hectic few months and I'm just so glad that some of my deadlines are over and the holidays are fast arriving (Woohooo)!! It has been awhile since I've done a review on this page and today I would like to bring your attention to two of Crème Simon's products that I received over summer some time in August. The reason why the review is only up now is because I have decided to really use these two products diligently till they are empty in order to have a more accurate opinion on it's effectiveness on my skin and my overall rating for it. 

And no, I'm not paid to write this post.

Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist
The first thing I really really liked about this product is how the mist instantly preps your skin with no sticky residues. It has a permanent spot on my make-shift vanity table in Newcastle and I use it every morning as a little pick-me-up before applying make up and also after, as a setting spray. One of the many important things I look out for when picking out skincare products (no matter purchasing or accepting advertorials) are the alcohol content as well as the presence of parabens. To my delight, Creme Simon's toner mist is not only alcohol and parabens free, it also contains only natural active plant extracts. It also has a really light and mild floral scent that I really appreciate. As everyone knows, when make up is not removed properly, it really puts a lot of stress and damage to your skin. This particular toner does a pretty good job getting out the bits of make up you may have missed while cleansing.

**Edit: Whilst I was writing this post, I did some research (by research I mean googling the product) and to my surprise, Creme Simon's Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist actually won 4 different awards for the Best Toner in Women's Weekly, Nylon, Cosmo and Her World. That was pretty impressive and also further validates my good taste in selection of products. Heeheehee.

Crème Simon Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50
Together with the Toner, on my vanity table, sits the Creme Simon Daily Defense UV Protector. I know, I know. For those who have been to UK/Europe, you probably would be thinking, "Kayla, England is FOREVER overcast, except for maybe those rare 2 days, in the summer, when the sun is out shining. Why in the world would you need a sunscreen?"

Fun fact: Didja know, even if it rains 24/7, 365 days, as long as your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, you'll still get some damage to your skin. For this particular sunscreen, it has a cream-like texture that leaves the skin feeling matte, again, with no sticky after-feels. As I usually apply this after my toner and before my foundation, it is important to me that my sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast (it didn't). It also has a really lovely floral scent (please give it a good sniff if you see Creme Simon products on shelves. Trust me you'll love it. It smells soooo good!). It also doubles up as a great make-up base.

***Edit: Again, I've found out afterwards that this product has won multiple awards namely on, Cosmo and Her World. Thought it would be good to include this in the review as well. 

The pretty pictures with a nice set up and lighting were of course taken over the summer when I had a lot less responsibilities and more time on hand to do what I love. However, a more accurate picture of the products would be the ones above taken with my iPhone and study lamp. It is kinda embarrassing because, I do bring my sunscreen along with me when I travel. By "bring my sunscreen along with me" I meant, chucking it in my bag together with my planner, water bottle, camera etcetc....which, explains the stains on its surface (sheepish) even though you cannot really tell from the pictures.

After using the products in its entirety, here is my take on it:
1. Crème Simon Dermo-Hydrating Facial Toner Mist
As a Toner: Works well. Delivers what it promises. 8/10
As a Make-Up Setting Spray: Doesn't set make-up very well. Make-up still slides. May be due to the weather or the condition of my skin 6.5/10
As a Hydrating Mist: Works very well as a refreshing mist especially when I am living in such a dry country. 9/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

2. Crème Simon Daily Defense UV Protector SPF 50
As a Sunscreen: Very pleased with its moisturising cream-like texture as well as the fact that it doesn't leave my skin looking way too fair/ghost like. Also really like the fact that it is not oily at all, especially for a sunscreen. 9/10
As a Make-Up Base: Was a decent make-up base, however, I do prefer my other make-up base over this product for this particular function. However, as a sunscreen, it works very well and delivers what the product claims to do. 7/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

Ending the review with a very satisfied looking Kayla. Heh. Thanks for taking your time out to read my humble review.

Till next time

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